True Blood season 5 spoilers: Russell Edgington to find love again!

We only have a few more days to wait for the new season of True Blood and this morning, we have come across a few more details about the new run.

The fifth series is just about to kick off for American viewers and will start on June 10th, on HBO. Denis O’Hare was chatting with Zap2it at the launch of the new run and he revealed to the website that his character – the evil and newly resurrected Russell Edgington – may be about to find love.

The actor admitted that he knew last year he would be back for the fifth season and worked closely with show bosses on fitting his filming around his time working on a New York play.

He promised fans that Russell will be very different and much more gentle when he makes his big comeback – being encased in concrete will do that to a vampire apparently – and explained:

“Russell is different this season. I wouldn’t say he’s mellower, but he’s surprising. And there are aspects of his personality that are out this season that weren’t out before. He’s still angry and he’s still crazy, but he’s looking towards the long haul, and he’s looking to be happy. And what’s going to make him happy?”

There will be a new love in the vampire’s life and he joked about the ‘new sweetie’ but would only tell reporters that the actor who plays the role was at the launch. He refused to give any other details.

Russell will work closely with the Vampire Authority when he returns to Bon Temps and admitted that he will actually take moves to ‘make peace’ with those in charge.

He added:

“There is going to be a moment when they have to make peace with each other and it happens in a really surprising way that they confront each other.”

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