True Blood season 5 spoilers: “We’ll Meet Again” video, pictures – Eric and Bill turn on Pam in their search for Russell!

Bill and Eric may have escaped the true death but their reprieve came at a cost and now the pair must find Russell Edgington for the vampire authority.

In the upcoming fourth episode of the fifth season of the HBO vampire drama, the pair begin their search for the evil monster, who they had previously thought to be encased in concrete but they are unsure they they can survive if they come up in battle against their former king.

The former enemies start by trying to deduce who assisted Russell in his escape and Eric’s attention first falls to his – at least until now – loyal assistant Pam, who is horrified that her maker suspects her of a crime that could lead to his downfall.

Meanwhile Bill decides that they will have more chance of completing their mission, if they enlist Sookie’s assistance…..whether she wants to help or not.

Back at the headquarters of the Vampire Authority, Salome and Roman are determined to get to the bottom of the Sanguinistas mystery and their suspicions that there is a traitor in their midst, and keep forging ahead with their interrogation of Nora.

Elsewhere, Sookie reveals her lies to Alcide and drowns in her sorrows, however Lafayette endangers her life accidentally with his reckless actions.

Pam cracks down on new vampire Tara, Andy and Jason end up visiting a sexy burlesque soiree, Sam’s is invited out on a pack run with his new shifter pals, Terry’s flashbacks start up in force again, this time taking him back to a deadly night in Iraq, and Hoyt moves into fangbanger territories.

True Blood returns with “We’ll Meet Again” in the US this Sunday, July 1 at 9 P.M. ET on HBO and in the UK later in 2012….