True Blood season 6 finale spoilers: Alexander Skarsgard FULLY NAKED in what could be his last ever scene (VIDEO)

We have seen a very many scenes with Alexander Skarsgard going topless in True Blood over the years and we’ve even been treated to one or two bum shots along the way, but in the final episode of the six season of the show the hunk actor went fully naked and fans have reacted appropriately.

The handsome Swede got his kit off for the last episode of the most recent run of the vampire drama, which aired on August 18th in the US and will hit UK screens later this year.

Its been rumoured that Alex could be leaving the role of Eric Northman for good and what a final impression he made, as he went full frontal nude covering his modesty with just a book and a raised thigh.

In the penultimate episode Eric left Bon Temps and sought solace and refuge Sweden as he tried to cope with his devastation following the death of his vampire sister Nora.

As he took time out in his homeland he posed in nothing but his birthday suit, as he relaxed with a book while relaxing in front of a snowy landscape.

Back in Bon temps Warlow finally revealed his true identity and tried to force Sookie into becoming his wife, however Bill realised that his former love was in mortal danger (again!) and sought help from her brother Jason, along with Violet, Andy and Adilyn. In the end if was her sibling that proved to be her rescuer and hero and Jason killed Warlow at the end of the finale.

As Warlow passed away, all other vampires who had drank his blood over the decades lost their ability to survive in sunlight. Bill, Jessica and Tara survived as it was night time in Bon Temps, however Eric’s future became less clear as when Warlow died, he was out in the daylight in his native Sweden and not covering much of his skin!

Eric felt the effects of the sun immediately and leapt off his sun bather, exposing his private nether regions to the camera as he did, however the episode ended without revealing whether or not the vampire had survived.

Showrunner Brian Buckner recently teased Eric’s “sexy and provocative” scene in the final episode.

“There’s definitely something for the ladies and the gay men. We might see a certain body part,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Watch Eric’s could be demise and Alex in all his glory and leave your comments below….