True Blood season 6 spoilers: Plethora of brand NEW official character images released

Bill true Blood season 6 spoilers

A whole host of brand new images from the upcoming season six premiere of True Blood have arrived this morning, and we have them in all their glory for you.

The brand new images showcase some of the new characters that are set to debut this season, but there’s also a slew of fan favourites including Anna Paguin, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsguard.

The brand new season is just around the corner, and we know for sure that the vamps and sookie are running scared in the opening of the new season.

In the trailer that has been released by the lovely people at HBO HQ, we see that Jessica can’t make head nor tails of what is happening.


She admits: “It feels like the world is spinning out of control! It’s just chaos”.

Sookie says: “I can barley remember the last time when I wasn’t in danger”.

As we reported last week, the new season follows on from the destruction of the Tru Blood factories, in which there is a lack of Tru Blood around. This sends the humans and vampires alike into a complete frenzy.

“Do you have any idea how many people want to see us all dead? It’s time for humans to bite back!”


It seems like everone’s emotions are upside down, especially at the beginning of season six. In the promo, Pam cries: “There’s more of them than us, maybe we should be scared!”.

We are reminded however, at the end of the video, that “No one lives forever”.

Check out the all new character posters, below:

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