True Blood season five spoilers: Pam wants Eric to release her! (NEW VIDEO & PICTURES)

Eric will be back to his old suspicious self in the fifth season of True Blood it would seem.

In a brand new promo released by HBO, the vampire sheriff is seen growing suspicious of his previously loyal and dedicated assistant Pam and accused her of being the one responsible for Russell Edgington’s escape.

The series four finale contained a series of cliffhangers, including a warning from the ghost of Rene that Terry will cause Arlene trouble, the reappearance of Steve Newlin as a vampire, the shooting of Tara and lastly the escape of Russell from his cement grave.

Eric thinks Pam may have been behind Russell’s return and in the clip below is seen threatening her. He says ‘I trust no one and you shouldn’t either…’

Pam is so offended by her maker’s accusations, that she asks him to release her for good.

She says:

‘A century together and never once have I ever done anything to hurt you, to hurt us. If you can’t trust me more than Bill Compton, or a werewolf for Christ’s sake then release me and get it over with. Just say the words!’

But will he agree?

Meanwhile, now that Russell is on the loose once more, Alcide is concerned about Sookie’s safety and offers to help protect her against the vengeful vampire, however Lafayette seems doubtful that the werewolf can offer much in the way of protection.

Last week, we posted another teaser, in which it seems Sam and Luna are in serious danger, after someone close to them goes missing.

We have a bit of a wait, until we find out where all these storylines are heading of course, as the fifth season of True Blood isn’t set to return to US TV screens until Sunday, June 10 on HBO and to FX in the UK later this year.