True Blood Season Four Season 4 spoilers: Lauren Bowles insists fans will be ‘happy’ with insane direction!

True Blood finally returns to American TV screens tonight and actress Lauren Bowles has been dropping some hints about what we can expect from the upcoming fourth season.

Lauren is of course best known as wiccan (and waitress) Holly Cleary and will take on a more prominent role in the show this year, as her witches coven moves to a central point in a few different storylines.

Speaking to Zap2it, the actress – who has previously starred in Seinfeld, Arrested Development, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Judging Amy and Private Practice – admitted that the new series is ‘just insanity’ but in the best possible way of course. She gushed:

“It’s just insanity that happened this year. So I feel quite confident that fans will be quite happy,”

On her coven, which we already know will end up robbing vampire sheriff Eric of his memory, Lauren added:

“Various people are kind of tapped into their own personal power more than others I would say. It’s very nature based and I would say sort of a kind of honoring of the sacred feminine, just a sort of feminine power, but that’s sort of the ruler of all that you know, that sort of makes everything happen, it’s how we all came to be. And so there’s various ways of sort of harnessing that power. And it can be through herbs, it’s very nature based.”

The leader of the coven will be new character Marnie, played by Harry Potter actress Fiona Shaw and she can be seen receiving a tongue lashing from Eric in this clip. Raving about her new co-star, Lauren went on:

“There’s just not enough like superlative adjectives to say about Fiona because she is … she’s such a fabulously idiosyncratic woman … she just comes to play.”

“Our chase is really getting more immersed and seeing some of the darker sides that you know, that live within this world. You know, you can harness power, but power can be both used for good and evil,” Bowles continues.

Of course True Blood is nothing if not a little bit risqué and when asked if she gets down and dirty with any of her male co-stars this season, Boweles giggled:

“Well, I’m not going to divulge into things like that. But I will just say in general, it’s a very naked set.”

US viewers can tune into the season première of True Blood tonight, June 26 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

To get you ready for the TV event of the week, you can watch the first three minutes of the episode below.