True Blood season four spoilers: Sookie / Eric shower scene will be “weirder and dirtier” than book version!

True Blood boss Alan Ball has promised viewers that they can expect some seriously sexy scenes if they stay tuned to the current fourth season of the vampire drama.

The popular HBO TV show is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris and at last weekend’s Comic Con event, a fan asked the showrunner if the infamous shower sex scene between characters Sookie and Eric would feature in an upcoming episode.

He assured fans that it would, and teased a little bit more, saying:

“There will be a moment in the show when Sookie and Eric will be in a shower. It may not be exactly what happened in the books. It may be weirder and dirtier.”

Eric and Sookie are already getting closer by the episode, because the vampire sheriff lost his memory after an encounter with the witches and is now being looked after by Bon Temps’ favourite psychic.

When a fan asked Alexander Skarsgard – the seriously hunky Swede who plays Eric Northman – why, since suffering from amnesia, he spends much of his time with no shirt on (or in a really ill fitting sweat-suit) , the actor laughed:

“It’s been a problem. Sookie finds me out in the woods and I don’t really have any clothes there. Then, when she brings me home we have to figure it out. I mean, this outfit, where it did it come from? It’s probably not Jason’s, right? It might be Hoyt’s. It’s something that Sookie found in her house, maybe something Hoyt might have forgotten there — the sweatshirt and sweatpants.”

Alan Ball added:

“I believe if you take the Latin of the spell that was cast on Eric and you translate it, there’s a part where it says you will lose your shirt and then you will find a really dorky outfit that you will wear and you will still be insanely hot.”

In the upcoming episode of True Blood, due to air in America this Sunday, love rival Bill Compton will order ‘true death’ for Eric. Check out the video promo here.