True Blood spoilers: Is Eric dead? Showrunner Brian Buckner says Alexander Skarsgard will be back for season 7

by Nick Barnes

Following True Blood’s season 6 finale on Sunday evening, one question was on everyone’s lips “Is Eric dead?” well… there was also another about the final scene, but we ain’t sinking to that level…

True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner has revealed that Alexander Skarsgard will return as a series regular next season but has refused to confirm or deny whether Eric is dead or not… either way he will be back for season 7, which sort of tells us in a backward way that he’s still alive.

Speaking to TV Line he said: “I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of True Blood. He will be a series regular”.

However, when he was questioned more directly on the question of whether Eric is dead or alive, he told Entertainment Weekly: “I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him”.

He went on to reveal that Eric will be fine after the near-death experience – maybe Pam will be the one to save him? He said: “That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it? That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’ know?”

Speaking about why Eric retreated to Sweden in the final scene of season 6, Buckner explained: “This is a man who doesn’t want to love, and doesn’t want to feel pain, and every connection he has to people ends in pain. So if Eric could be an island, he would be. So, with Nora gone and having sought vengeance for her death, he found that pain was still there and he doesn’t want to feel it again. So he retreated and returned home”.

Of course, one of the main things people talked about and giffed up from the season finale is that Skarsgard appeared in the nip in the final scene – and for those of you who have not yet seen the season 6 finale, we’re talking full frontal stuff!

He said: “There’s no conversation with him [Skarsgard]. He’s Swedish. They’re naked all the time. As a matter of fact, when I saw what we had on camera, I sent him an email that said, ‘We’re going to lock picture. Are you OK with this?’ He said ‘No problemo’. That was the conversation. It couldn’t have been easier”.

True Blood returns for its seventh season next summer.