True Love’s David Tennant doesn’t regret Doctor Who – but the attention made him feel ‘vulnerable’

David Tennant has insisted that he doesn’t regret taking on the role of the titular timelord in Doctor Who.

The 41 year actor joined the BBC sci fi drama in 2005, when Christopher Eccleston announced that he wouldn’t be returning for a second series. He became famous worldwide almost overnight and was one of the most talked about British stars up until and well after his final episode aired on 1 January 2010.

Many former stars of the show have lamented ever joining it’s ranks, saying they became typecast and that the part always overshadowed their professional life, however it seems that Tennant has been one of the lucky ones.

He has went on to play a variety of roles since 2010 that couldn’t be more different to ‘The Doctor’, including a heavy drinking vampire hunter in ‘Fright Night’, a lone parent in ‘Single Father’ and a football coach in ‘United.’

This Sunday David will make his debut as a new dad, whose marriage is thrown into chaos, when he meets his first love again in BBC 1’s semi improvised drama ‘True Love.’

The dad of one has insisted that he is glad he ended up starring in Doctor Who and very grateful for the opportunities it brought.

He said:

‘I’m very glad it happened. Mercifully, I haven’t been typecast and it opened more doors than it closed.’

David explained his reasons for leaving the show back in 2010, saying that he wanted to go while he still enjoyed the show and before it became a chore to him.

He told Radio Times:

‘I was never bored, but I wanted to make sure I left before it became a job.

‘It’s still thriving and Matt Smith is brilliant in the part.’

However it wasn’t all a breeze, and David confessed that the one area in which he did struggle, was his instant fame as a result of the BBC show.

Tennant had been skirting around fame for years before his big break came, but even though he had aspired to achieve it for years, he wasn’t prepared for the change it would make to his life.

‘No one can teach you what it’s like to be observed in public,’ he explained.

‘I remember, before I was that person, watching well-known people walk into a room – you imbue them with inner confidence and a slightly royal presence. Yet when it’s you, it’s terrifying.’

‘I’m not moaning – there’s nothing worse than that, because there are huge advantages – but you feel vulnerable. The world’s perception of you has changed while you remain the same.’

One of the most exciting things about True Love, is that the series will also star Tennant’s old Doctor Who sidekick and co-star Billie Piper.

The ‘Secret Diary Of A Call Girl’ actress will star in episode three, in which she takes on the role of Holly a teacher who develops feelings for a female pupil (Kaya Scodelario).

True Love airs this Sunday, BBC One, 22.35pm. Will you be tuning in? Leave your comments below…