TV gardeners Alan Titchmarsh and Diarmuid Gavin set a honey (suckle?) trap for stalker!

Celeb gardeners Alan Titchmarsh and Diarmuid Gavin turned Rosemary & Thyme – or modern day Miss Marples – to confront a stalker who was making Diamuid’s life a misery…

The saga began when Diarmuid acquired the stalker, who would turn up to the recordings of his shows and inundate him with messages.

However, things took a potentially sinister turn when the stalker broke into Diarmuid’s house, and told his pregnant wife Justine, “I’m in love with your husband.”

Bravely, a bemused Justine told the woman, “In that case, you need to see a doctor.”

But of course, it must have been terrifying to be confronted by this woman, so the BBC called in the police, who investigated, but took no further action…

However, Diarmuid and the Beeb weren’t happy for the matter to be left at that, given that the woman continued turning up on-set, so a private detective was hired, who tracked down the stalker.

So, Diarmuid asked his best bud Alan Titchmarsh to help him confront the woman, and seemingly, after they’d presented a united gardening front, the woman stopped pestering Diarmuid.

Speaking to TV Biz about the bizarre incident, Diarmuid said, “I’ve had some strange fans over the years, but she was a proper stalker and for a long time I was the only one who’d ever seen this woman.

“She was always there. It got so bad I was scared I’d arrive on set one day and someone would say, ‘This is your new producer’, or I’d go home and find her having tea with my wife.

“She broke into my house. This woman said to my wife, ‘I’m in love with your husband,’ and my wife said, ‘In that case, you need to see a doctor’.

“In the end we organised a bit of a sting operation. Alan, me and some BBC producers tried to lure her in.

“Once she was there, we had her. It all died down after that.”

Now, I was trying to come up with some gardening puns to end this article, but they were all a bit lame, such as ‘for the love of peat’ or ‘he dug himself out of a hole there’ or ‘she must’ve been a bit of a hoe’.

So yeah, that’s enough of that. But if you can come up with any better puns – and let’s face it, that wouldn’t be hard – do share them with us 😉

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