TV: September through the years

We thought it might be fuzzy nostalgic fun to take a look back at what was happening in the month of September through the years since TV began, many of which were landmarks that have shaped the way we now watch TV.

28 September 1923
saw the first ever issue of the Radio Times published.

30 September 1929 and the first daily picture-only tv was broadcast on the 30 line Baird system, at 11am using the 2LO medium wave transmitter.

1 September 1939
was when the BBC Television Service closed down at 12.10pm and was replaced by the BBC Home Service. The long wave broadcast service from Droitwich closed down.

September 1953
The BBC purchased the Shepherds Bush Empire and converted it into
the BBC Television Theatre.

22 September 1955
Independent Television was launched in London at 7.15pm from the Croydon transmitter.

24 September 1957 Schools television broadcasts began on the BBC.

30 September 1961 Independent Television was extended to north Scotland provided by Grampian Television.

14 September 1962 Independent Television extended to north and west Wales which merged with TWW in January 1964.

9 September 1969 Nationwide launched on BBC1 with Michael Barrett presenting. It initially ran from Tuesday to Thursday only.

20 September 1969 BBC News moved from Alexandra Palace to a new extension of the BBC Television Centre.

14 September 1970 The Nine O’Clock News launched on BBC1, replacing the 8.50pm bulletin.

23 September 1974
Ceefax was officially launched by the BBC.

25 September 1979 The first edition of Question Time was aired.

19 September 1983 BBC1 schools programmes transferred to BBC2 – the sequence was now known as Daytime on 2, and the school’s clock was dropped.

3 September 1984 The first edition of the Six O’Clock News was on BBC1 and the new regional news programmes were launched: London Plus, North West Tonight and Inside Ulster.

3 September 1985 EastEnders moved to 7.30pm from 7pm.

1 September 1993 saw BSkyB launch its Multichannels package in which several previously free-to-air channels became encrypted.

27 September 1995 The BBC began the world’s first regular DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) transmission from five transmitters around the London area.

23 September 1998 BBC Choice launched at 12.00, and was initially only available to view at BBC premises. BBC Parliament began on the same day.

16 September 2002 Channel 5 launched rebranded as ‘five’.

And finally, let’s take a look at what was on offer on BBC1 on a day in September in 1973.

9.38am-12.10pm For Schools, Colleges 9.38 Maths Workshop (b/w), 10.00 Merry-go-Round (b/w), 10.23-10.43 Exploring Science (b/w) 11.00 A Year’s Journey, 11.22 Music Time (b/w), 11.45-12.10 New Horizons (b/w)
12.20pm A Chance to Meet the Chief Rabbi
12.55 Cwn Defaid Sheepdog trials, in Welsh
1.25 News
1.30 Andy Pandy
1.45-1.55 The Fanatics
2.02 For Schools, Colleges 2.02 Words and Pictures, 2.20 Drama (Black and white)
2.50 Times Remembered
3.00 Scope
3.30 Reporter at Large
4.00 Play School with Carol Chell and Johnny Silvo
4.25 Yogi Bear
4.35 Jackanory
4.50 Blue Peter with Valerie Singleton, John Noakes, Peter Purves and Lesley Judd
5.15 The White Horses A film from Yugoslavia (Black and white)
5.40 Adventures of Parsley
5.45 National News with Kenneth Kendall
6.00 Nationwide News and views in your region in Look North, South Today, Look East, Midlands Today, Points West, Spotlight South West, Reporting Scotland, Wales Today, Scene Around Six followed by Michael Barrett, Frank Bough and Bob Wellings
6.45 Sykes Eric and Hattie suspect their new neighbours are operating a spy ring
7.15 Star Trek
8.00 Panorama including an interview with the Leader of the Opposition, Harold Wilson
8.50 Natural Break David Attenborough dips into the treasury of natural history film
9.00 Nine O’Clock News with Kenneth Kendall and Peter Woods
9.25 FILM: How to Save a Marriage…and Ruin Your Life
11.05 Mastermind
11.35 Late Night News
11.40 A View from Richard Baker
12.05am-12.10 Weatherman; Regional News (exc London)
BBC SCOTLAND as above except: 11.40pm-12.10am Kings, Lords and Commoners; News; Weather
BBC WALES as above except: 1.30pm-1.45 Ar Lin Man 6.45 Heddiw 7.05 Tom and Jerry 7.15-8.00 Wonderful World of Disney 11.05-11.35 Football Preview

And after that, the telly service closed down with the National Anthem being the last thing broadcast until the following morning!

Ahh, those were the days!

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