TV sequel of ‘American Psycho’ in development at FX

by Martin


A TV show for hit movie ‘American Psycho’ is being developed at FX and will continue on several years after the book ended.

The novel, written by Bret Easton Ellis follows wealthy investment banker Patrick Bateman who turned out to be a a serial killer in the late 1980s.

The ‘American Psycho’ movie was released in 2000 and was directed by Mary Harron while Christian Bale starred as Patrick Bateman. A remake was talked about back in 2011 but nothing ever happened with that.

As we said the TV series which is being developed at FX will feature Patrick Bateman, who is now in his mid-50s as he looks to hire a new apprentice.

The TV series will be set several years after the book ended, and will feature Bateman in his mid-50s as he hires a new apprentice. It will be written by Stefan Jaworski and Lionsgate and FX will co-produce the project.

The tagline for the TV show says: “In the new drama series, iconic serial killer Patrick Bateman, now in his mid-50s but as outrageous and lethal as ever, takes on a protégé in a sadistic social experiment who will become every bit his equal – a next-generation American Psycho.”

If the project is given the go ahead it will follow other similar serial killer shows like NBC’s ‘Hannibal’, Fox’s ‘The Following’ and A&Es ‘Bates Motel’


An ‘American Psycho’ musical will also make its debut in December at the Almeida Theatre where the show will run from the 3rd of December until the 25th of January 2014.

If you haven’t seen the ‘American Psycho’ movie then watch the official trailer below. Once you’re done why not let us know what you think. Are you looking forward to a potential TV show adapted from the story? Are there any other books you’d like to see turned into TV shows?

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