Twitter frenzy as Disney’s Good Luck Charlie introduces first same-sex couple!

by Anna Howell
good luck charlie cheryl

good luck charlie cheryl

Disney Channel’s hit kids series, Good Luck Charlie, made Disney Channel history this week when it introduced its first same-sex couple!

The hit kids show, which follows Teddy Duncan’s video diaries made to her help her little sister, Charlie, deal with their crazy family, brought in the couple, parents to one of Charlie’s friends, with no fuss or fanfare, causing fans to come out in force to commend the show for taking such a bold action.

It is quite easy to make a big deal of homosexuality, having to label it whenever we see it in an over-exaggerated bid to prove it is now accepted, but for the children of the next generation it is already accepted.

Many children will already know same sex couples, and not blink an eye, which is why the bosses at Good Luck Charlie decided not just to introduce a same-sex couple, Susan and Cheryl, to the show, but to make it as normal as making a cup of coffee.

Of course there was always going to be some viewers who complained, but they were by far the minority as social networking site, Twitter, went wild with praise for the show, with fans voicing their approval of the show’s new characters.

Tweets of support included:

‘I love how in the Good Luck, Charlie episode, it’s not out of the norm at all for Taylor to have 2 moms. ♥’

‘I’m watching Good Luck Charlie w/my sister and there’s a same sex couple on the show, GO DISNEY FOR INTRODUCING SOME DIVERSITY!’

‘wow! Disney introduced their first openly gay couple on Good Luck Charlie! That’s so awesome!’

‘The fact that disney channel has a same-sex couple on their tv show ‘Good Luck Charlie’ gives me a little hope for society.’

‘Good work Good luck Charlie for having a same sex couple on the show!!! #YouShowEmDisney’

good luck charlie

The only reference made to the couple’s sexuality in the episode was when dad Bob Duncan (Eric Allan Kramer) said to wife Amy Duncan (Leigh Allyn Baker):

“Taylor has two moms!”

To which she casually responded:

“Wow! Nothing gets past you, Bob.”

In response to the negative comments, the Disney Channel has stuck by its decision to feature its first (and second) openly gay character on the show ever, with a spokesperson for the network commenting:

“This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors,

“Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Do you agree that this bold move is a step in the right direction? Or do you think addressing any form of sexuality of a children’s’ show is inappropriate? Leave your thoughts and comments below: