Two and a half men: New series to start with a Charlie’s funeral?

by Anna Howell

We’ve known for some time that the new series of American hit sitcom Two and A Half Men would be without its star, Charlie Sheen, due to his very public melt-down but it seems his absence is set to be quite final!

Sheen, who has been the star of the show for the last 8 seasons, spent his summer break on a drink and drug fuelled ‘bender’, during which he was involved in several misdemeanour’s, including locking a prostitute in the bathroom of a hotel that he went on to trash.

His addictive personality has never been a secret amongst his Hollywood peers, but it seemed that he, never one to like to be thought of as dull, took it to a new level when he started to slate show execs and co-stars of the sitcom.

Considering himself invincible, he blasted every one, in a bid to convince people that the show’s success was down to him and him alone but his intoxicated, egocentric rant backfired on the Hot Shots actor, when bosses sacked him from his role as Charlie Harper.

We all waited with baited breath to see how he would be cut from the show, but no one, Sheen included, could have predicted such a drastic end to the much loved jingle writer, especially as initial reports suggested that the character would have ‘settled in Paris’.

But it would appear that the hour long first episode of series 9 will open at Charlie’s funeral, attended by his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer) and nephew, Jake (Angus T Jones) as well as his mother and a rather huge selection of his former conquests, after Charlie has driven his car off a cliff (it is reported).

Ashton Kutcher, of Punked fame, and more recently, Mr Demi Moore fame, has been cast as the new owner of the Malibu beach house where the sitcom is mainly set, who will some how inherit the remaining one and a half men when he moves in.