Two and a Half Men season 10 finale: Walden goes on a date with a hot 22 year old but is more interested in her grandma


During this week’s season 10 finale of Two and a Half Men, titled “Cows, Prepare to be Tipped”, Walden finds himself a dishy date!

However, things get a tad weird when Walden (played by Ashton Kutcher) finds himself more interested in her grandmother.

What makes things even more weird, from a real life perspective anyway, is that Walden’s hot 22-year-old date, Stacey, is guest starred by Hilary Duff. Meanwhile, her grandmother, Linda, is played by Marilu Henner.

Meanwhile, Alan and Jake go on a father-son bonding trip.


In the promo video that has been released, Walden is seen on his date with Stacey, but it seems her grandmother had tagged along as well. She tells him that she has just majored in communications. When he asks more about it, she says it’s a little hard to put into words, “it’s like talking and stuff!”.

However, she blows him off when she gets an invite to a “killer party” with her friends, in which Walden is left alone with her worldly grandma.


Meanwhile, it has recently been confirmed that the sitcom will be back for its 11th season later this year, however, Angus T. Jones has been dropped as a series regular and will instead feature in a recurring role. It most likely has something to do with the fact that he slammed the show earlier this year.

The season finale of Two and a Half Men airs this Thursday at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

Take a look at the season 10 promo, below:

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