UFOs: The Secret Evidence – Are we alone in the universe?

by Lynn Connolly

I caught this show last night on More 4 – you can watch it again here if you didn’t see it – and it should’ve really interested me; I love shows about UFOs. It’s a subject that fascinates me but the show’s host and chief investigator, Nick Cook, turned it into a giant yawn-fest with protracted detail and a very tedious examination of timelines…

That said, he did investigate some possible explanations for the truth behind UFO sightings that I’d not heard about before and just the fact that we got to watch a show about UFOs made it my sorta Friday watching! So, do you ‘believe’?

Nick is a journalist and British Aerospace specialist and as such, he’s often privy to evidence about UFOs that we mere mortals aren’t, so he showed us some of the facts that he’s unearthed from the last 60 years in an attempt to establish just what really has been flying through our airspace.

Featuring the usual dramatic reconstructions and first-hand accounts he also conducted interviews with military experts and historians. And I have to say, there were some startling revelations gleaned from secret blueprints and classified government memos.

Nick started looking at early reports of UFOs from WWII fighter pilots who recorded the infamous Foo Fighter ‘attacks’. Foo Fighters is the name given to the inexplicable ‘balls of light’ that seemingly chased the planes around the skies over Europe. What made these sightings so exceptional was that they were reported by men trained in surveillance and who knew the importance of secrecy.

In fact, as time went on, it became a big deal to report UFO sightings because any pilot who did so was subject to immediate dismissal or could be referred to a psychiatrist!

Nick interviewed specialists Dave Clarke and Andy Roberts who are experts in this phenomenon and they explained that at the time, it was widely believed that Foo Fighters were in fact some unheard of German defense technology. And while it was proved later that in fact the Germans did have aerospace technology that the West wasn’t aware of, none of their plans had actually come to fruition, so they weren’t responsible for the strange lights in the sky.

This video clip shows actual footage of Foo Fighters…

So what were the Foo Fighters? Other than a fantastic band, fronted by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, nobody knows to this day what/who it was that chased WWII fighter pilots around the hostile skies over Germany.

And of course, no show about UFOs is complete without examination of the Roswell Incident in 1947 when what was suspected to be an alien craft crashed over the White Sands military base.

It was June 14th, 1947 when William Brazel rode out on the J.B. Foster Ranch, which Brazel looked after. Riding along with him was his neighbour’s son. They soon came upon a large amount of strange debris that was spread over an area of about 200 yards. Comprised of brightly glittering tinfoil type material, dark grey rubber-like strips, and bits of what looked like thick paper, Brazel didn’t know what to think of it. Further inspection of the area revealed a shallow trench, several hundred feet long, that had been gouged in the land.

The next afternoon, Lieutenant Walter Haut, Public Information Officer for the Roswell Airfield, under orders from base commander Colonel Blanchard, issued a press release reporting that a “flying disk” had been found by a local rancher and that remains of it had been recovered by the Intelligence Office for transfer to “higher headquarters.”

At about the same time, the United Press association also reported that residents near the ranch had seen “a strange blue light several days ago about 3 a.m.” These two reports caused a mass reporting frenzy as phone lines to New Mexico, the Pentagon, and Washington D.C. were flooded by reporters clamoring for more details.

You probably know the rest; denials, counter-denials and much speculation followed, and still does. But it was in the interests of the American government to actively encourage citizens to believe UFOs existed so that when they carried out covert spying over Russia – this was the age of the Cold War remember – they hoped it would be assumed their various spying mechanisms were visitors from outer space and not nosey Americans!

However, regardless of what the government had to say, sightings of strange objects in the sky persisted and couldn’t always be explained away be weather phenomena or US top secret experiments.

“Call me Einstein, Flash Gordon or just plain crazy, but I know what I saw!” declared civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold, referring to the nine strange aircraft he’d seen flying rapidly in formation over Mount Rainier, Washington on the afternoon of 24 June 1947.

It was, however, not the shape of the craft themselves but the way they moved through the sky that would fire the public’s imagination. “They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water” Arnold told reporter Bill Bequette of the East Oregonian who then went on to coin the term ‘flying saucer’ for the first time ever in the national press.

Whatever the truth of these two controversial incidents, they established the flying-saucer science that fascinates and befuddles us to this day.

So we’d love to hear what you think. Are UFOs nothing more than freaky weather or are they test runs of new weapons or surveillance machines? Or, are they visitors from other planets observing us here on earth?

And if you’ve you ever seen a UFO, let us know!

My husband and I certainly believe we have. While holidaying in Ibiza ten years ago, we were watching the night sky over mountains when dozens of lights suddenly floated up from behind the mountains. They moved in all directions, rapidly and with purpose. They would go left to right, right to left and vertically at speed then simply stop and hover.

We thought about all the usual explanations; was it a meteor shower or light refracted in the clouds? Could it have been caused by gases or was it simply light reflected from the tourist resorts? The fact is, though you’ll have to take my word for it because we didn’t film it, it couldn’t have been any of those things.

The movement was too purposeful and fast and as I say, in all directions. The lights were uniform in size and shape too. Then, the lights simply disappeared again down behind the mountains. We still can’t say for sure of course what it was but nonetheless, my personal belief is that we would be arrogant to assume that we’re alone in a universe that we don’t even know the extent of.

What do you think?


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.