Under the Dome ‘Exigent Circumstances’ spoilers: Big Jim’s attack on Barbie continues and will he hurt Norrie?

by Nick Barnes


Under the Dome returns for its penultimate episode next week and the big question on everyone’s lips is… how is it all going to end?

Of course, we know that the show is back for a second season, so the dome isn’t going to come down any time soon and if Big Jim has anything to do with it, the dome will never come down!

As we saw on last night’s show, Big Jim is still trying to turn the entire town against Barbie and he now has each and every one of his secrets. This week, things don’t change as the manhunt for Barbie continues and Big Jim demands justice for all Barbie’s crimes.

One of the big events over the last couple of episodes is the discovery of the mini dome. Joe, Norrie, Junior and Angie are the four ‘chosen ones’ and last night, they mapped out the stars and found a point in the dome that they all had to put their hands on. Upon doing so, they saw Big Jim on the other side of the dome bleeding from a stab wound, and they all had knives in their hands. What could this mean? Is the ultimate price Big Jim’s life before the dome will go away?


The episode synopsis reads: “While the manhunt for Barbie continues, Big Jim gets the residents of Chester’s Mill riled up and the town demands for justice for all of Barbie’s supposed crimes. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie must find a new hiding place for the mini dome”.

As we can see from the promo that has been released, one of Norrie’s moms finds out about the mini dome and they have to find a new place for it.

It looks like Big Jim knows about the mini dome as Norrie tells him: “You don’t scare me” – we then see Big Jim pinning her up against a wall. Will Big Jim kill Norrie? That way then, if she is dead, there’s no fourth hand for the mini dome and he will then think that there’s no way out – which of course, is what Big Jim wants!

Only time will tell… Under the Dome continues next Sunday on CBS.