Court told a teenage actor raped 14 year old boy to prove he was bi-sexual to his cheering girlfriend

by Anna Howell

A jury has heard how the teenage TV star currently standing trial for the rape of a 14 year old boy in a London theatre, allegedly conducted the heinous crime in order to prove to his girlfriend that he was bi-sexual, while she stood cheering him on, the Sun newspaper reports.

As we reported last year, the alleged victim told The Sun that he was attacked by the actor at a London theatre back in July 2010, when the boy was just 14 years old, where it is said that the well known celebrity acted “intentionally” when his victim did not consent, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Now that the case has gone to trial, alleged details of the alleged attack have come to light.

According to the publication, the accused allegedly told the victim that he had to “be with a boy” in order to prove to his apparently bi-sexual girlfriend that he was bi-sexual too, the court heard.

According to Prosecutor, Timothy Forster, the actor, unnamed for legal reasons, had been sending the alleged victim explicit messages and images via text after admitting to him: “I think I’m bi.”

Mr Forster told jurors: “He said he wasn’t interested, but the defendant continued to send texts to him, saying he had to prove he was bisexual, and he wanted to do it with him.”

According to the Sun, the victim was then dragged to a closed-off stairwell in a theatre, where he was allegedly head-butted and restrained before being sexually assaulted by the actor. The attack was interrupted and the victim chose not to report it. However, the next day the actor allegedly got the victim back in the same stairwell and raped him, whilst his girlfriend allegedly watched, saying “Do it for me.”

According to Mr Forster the actor carried out the attack to prove to his girlfriend he was bi-sexual “because she had been with a girl and he had to be with a boy”.

According to the publication the victim was too upset to report the crime, but did confide in a friend.

After the attack there were what is described as “weekly incidents” between the actor and the alleged victim, including one incident of sexual assault in the toilets where the actor is alleged to have started touching the victim without consent.

According to the publication during this incident the victim tried to get away but the actor “grabbed him and swung him around,” after which he was then allegedly forced to perform a sex act before managing to escape.

Mr Forster said: “He didn’t want that to happen, he didn’t enjoy this.”

Police were finally made aware of the situation after they were called out to investigate a confrontation between the two during which the actor allegedly emptied a bottle of water of the victims head whilst screaming at him: “Whatever we did together, you wanted to do. Don’t make out it was all down to me.”

The actor was arrested but chose to make no comment when later questioned over the allegations by police.

According to the Sun, the victim collapsed whilst giving evidence about the alleged assaults from behind a screen, causing Judge John Hillen to clear the court whilst medical assistance was sought. The victim was then taken to the witness room to recover with the trial adjourned for the rest of the day.

Neither of the teenagers can be named for legal reasons.

The actor denies rape and sexual assault. Mr Forster said the defendant admitted there was sexual contact, and the case centres on whether it was consensual. The trial continues.