Unreality TV’s Top 10 new shows of the 2013/14 season SPOILERS; The Originals, Sean Saves The World, The Tomorrow People, Dads, more

by Nick Barnes


We’re finally in September which means the brand new TV season is just around the corner. Many US networks are kicking off their new season toward the middle of September, but some shows aren’t premiering until as late as October.

What’s always exciting about the new TV season is the brand new shows that are brought with it. The likes of The Tomorrow People, The Originals, Star-Crossed and The Millers are set to launch this season. We have already compiled a list of our Top 10 returning shows in the new season and now it’s time to run down the Top 10 brand new shows of the 2013/14 season! Click on inside to see which shows we’re excited about…

10. The Blacklist

The Blacklist follows ex-government agent Raymond Reddington who has been one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives for decades. He’s mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with one offer: He will help to catch a long-thought-dead terrorist, Ranko Zamani under the one condition that he speaks to and only to Elizabeth Keen on the matter. Keen is an FBI profiler and it’s her first day on the job… what a first day it’s going to be for her! Over the years Raymond has compiled a Blacklist of politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists and he will help to catch them all… under the condition that Liz becomes his partner in crime. The show sounds like it’ll have a lot of twists and turns… it kicks off on NBC on September 23.

9. The Crazy Ones

One thing we have noticed about the new season is that there’s quite a few new comedy shows on the scene, The Crazy Ones being just one of them we’re rather excited about. The workplace comedy marks Robin Williams’ return to TV and is about a larger-than-life advertising genius whose unorthodox methods and unpredictable behaviour would get him fired… that’s if he wasn’t the boss. His daughter Sydney is his business partner and is the complete opposite of her father, Simon Roberts. Sydney is focused, organized and eager to make a name for herself. With his team behind him, Simon continues to set the advertising world on fire, and it looks like they are buying what the crazy ones are selling! The Crazy Ones kicks off on CBS on September 26.

8. The Millers

The Millers is another comedy from CBS that is set to premiere this September. It follows Will Arnett as Nathan Miller, a recently divorced local news reporter. His life is turned upside down when his parents, Carol and Tom, decide to divorce after 43 years of marriage. More shockingly, his mother decides to move in with him, which throws his plans out of the window. His absent-minded father decides to impose on Nathan’s sister Debbie, her husband Adam and their daughter. The Millers kicks off on CBS on September 26.

7. Sean Saves The World

Sean Saves the World looks like it’s going to be one of my guilty pleasures this season as from the trailers we have seen so far, the show looks like it could be hilarious. Sean – played by Sean Hayes – is a divorced gay father. His 14-year-old daughter, Ellie, decides to move in with him full-time when her mother has to work away which poses even more challenges in his rather hectic life as it is. He has a weird boss to contend with, a pushy mum and now his 14-year-old daughter who asks an array of questions such as ‘If you’re gay, why did you sleep with mom?’

Sean wants to be the best father possible and he gets his geek on with an array of parenting books. But, his company has decided to throw another bombshell into his life by making him work longer hours which throws off all those fancy dinners he wanted to have with his daughter. But the question is… can Sean really save the world? The sitcom premieres on NBC on October 3.

6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine focusses on a diverse group of detectives at a New York precinct. Detective Jake Peralta is a good enough cop that he’s never had to work that hard or follow the rules too closely. Perhaps because he has the best arrest record among his colleagues, he’s been enabled – if not indulged – throughout his entire career. That is, until the precinct gets a new commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt, who reminds this hotshot cop to respect the badge.

Jake may have collared more criminals, but Detective Amy Santiago is close behind, and she’s keenly aware of how many arrests she needs to close the gap. Amy grew up with seven brothers who were all cops. She’s the first girl in the family to put on a police uniform, and suffice it to say: she’s extremely competitive…about everything. Together the cops will interrogate suspects, arrest perpetrators and solve murders. Ultimately the show is about the men and women behind the badge – singing karaoke, grabbing a beer and hitting on each other, of course, whilst protecting the citizens of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Nine-Nine kicks off on FOX on September 17.

5. Dads

How could we not include the hilarious new comedy from Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane? The show hasn’t even premiered yet and it has already kicked up a fuss over its “racist” jokes. Dads is a father-son comedy that follows two successful guys – and childhood best friends – now in their mid-30s whose lives get turned upside down when their inappropriate and pain-in-the-neck patriarchs move in. The pair – Eli & Warner – are co-founders of Ghost Child Games, a successful video company… an idea they both came up with whilst stoned at college.

But, their lives get a bit messy when their dads invade their lives. Warner’s father Crawford is a self-confessed business man and perpetual optimist who always seems to put his foot in it when a deal is on the table. Eli’s father David is a towering monument of negativity – when his father moves in, Eli’s love life takes a nasty nosedive. Having their dads around is the biggest challenge they will both face, but can Eli and Warner come out on top? Dads premieres on FOX on September 17.

4. Star-Crossed

Star-Crossed may not premiere until the mid-season, but we’re rather excited about it nonetheless. Star-Crossed stars 90210’s Matt Lanter and Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden as the main characters – Roman and Emery. The story begins when Lanter and eight other teenagers are integrated into a suburban high school. It is there he crosses paths with Emery, but, the plot begins to unravel when we find out he has met her before. When aliens landed on arrival day, Emery found Roman in her shed. She tried to protect him from the army killing him. They shot him and she presumed he was dead, but he survived. Now, he’s at the same high school and she recognises who he is. She confronts him and that’s where the romance begins and despite him being part of another species, the two are drawn like magnets all over again – just as they was back when they first met 10 years ago. Star-Crossed comes to The CW in the mid-season.

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

S.H.I.E.L.D is possibly one of the bigger premieres of the new season which has everyone talking – and for good reason as Agent Phil Coulson is alive! Coulson is back and he means business as he assembles a small, highly select group of Agents from the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Together they will investigate the new, the strange and the unknown across the globe as they try to protect the world. The team consists of an expert pilot and martial artist, a computer hacker, a brilliant engineer and bio-chemist, an agent who is highly trained in combat and espionage and of course… Coulson! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D begins on September 24 on ABC.

2. The Originals

How could we forget The Originals? The Originals is the forthcoming spin-off show to the hugely successful The Vampire Diaries on The CW. The original vampires are set to return to New Orleans. Klaus, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid returns to New Orleans, the city his family helped to build, the city that he and his siblings – Elijah and Rebekah – were exiled from a century ago by their father.

Klaus has been made aware of a plot that is brewing against him and he knows he has to return. Curious as to why Klaus would return to New Orleans, Elijah follows his brother and learns of the beautiful and rebellious werewolf Hayley – who is seemingly pregnant with Klaus’ child! Klaus is reunited with his former protégé Marcel but tensions between the town’s supernatural factions are near breaking point and it isn’t helped when Klaus vows that he is going to reclaim what was once his! The Originals premieres on The CW on October 3.

1. The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a show that we’re really excited about. The show was originally a British TV show that aired in the 1970s and has now been remade with a contemporary take for The CW. The Tomorrow People are the next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans that have been born with superpowers – the problem is, there’s not many of them left and so they have to band together. They have a secret meeting place that is literally underground and can only be accessed via the tube station. Stephen is the main protagonist on the show and he was a normal everyday teenager until he began hearing voices in his head and teleporting in his sleep, never knowing where he may wake up. He tries to block out the voices in his head, but one day he lets the voice in, which is when he meets fellow Tomorrow People – John, Cara and Russell.

The genetically advanced race are being hunted by a parliamentary group of scientists known as Ultra and they are forced to hide out in an abandoned subway station, beneath the surface of the human world. Stephen is unwilling to turn his back on humanity and sets off on his own journey which could take him into the shadowy past to uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious disappearance. We find out that his father was also part of the same advanced race as him. The Tomorrow People kicks off on The CW on October 9.

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