Upstairs Downstairs: Adrian Scarborough says playing Pritchard is “such a joy”

As fans of Upstairs Downstairs will know, former Gavin and Stacey star Adrian Scarborough – he played the Shipman’s neighbour, Pete Sutcliffe – plays butler Pritchard…

And Adrian has recently been telling TV Times magazine how much he’s enjoying being on the hit drama’s cast.

He said, “It’s a dream of a role. This whole series has been such a joy.”

And as we’ll see in the next episode, which airs on Sunday at 9pm on BBC1, Pritchard is about to get a new love interest in the form of Miss Whisset, who’s played by Sarah Lancashire.

Of that, Adrian said, “He completely and utterly falls in love, quite unexpectedly with a very beautiful and extraordinary woman called Miss Whisset…

“Love is in the air! Romance is a happening thing! They dance together at the servants’ ball at the Royal Albert Hall.”

Of working with Sarah, who of course first found fame playing the role of Raquel Wolstenhulme in Corrie, Adrian said, “Sarah is so brilliant, we really established something very warm and lovely.”

And of another of his co-stars, Anne Reid, who plays cook Mrs Thackeray but who is also a former Corrie star, Adrian said, “If Anne Reid and I know we are in for a scene with giggle potential we have to go to different corners of the studio, in our own space, to prepare.

“We are both such terrible gigglers. If we start twinkling at each other, it can get rather tricky…”

Finally, of his career – which has included roles in the aforementioned Gavin and Stacey and roles in Psychoville and Miranda – Adrian said, “Yes, I’ve been very lucky. It’s been wonderful.

“Next I’m going straight on to a series called Mrs Biggs, about the wife of the Great Train Robber.

“I’m going to play Charmian Biggs’s father, Bernard, who is the complete antithesis of Mr Pritchard.

“He is a very difficult, awkward, aggressive, violent man – not a sweetheart at all! I couldn’t have wished for better, really!”

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