US drama ‘Revenge’ to air on E4

Channel 4 have announced that American drama ‘Revenge’ – which is made by ABC Studios – is set to air in the UK on E4.

Starring Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe, Revenge is about “an ancient, universal impulse” which is handed down through generations of families who have scores to settle.

Emily Thorne, who’s played by VanCamp, is the latest arrival in the elite Hamptons, and at first glance, she appears to be a friendly and sophisticated girl next door type who fits right in…

But as she’ll discover, the affluent, exclusive set of the Hamptons harbour dark family secrets, and nothing is as it seems.

However, neither is Emily…

When Emily nine years old, her dad was framed for a horrific crime by people he trusted. The innocent man was sentenced to life in prison, and Emily never saw her father again.

However, all these years later, she’s out for revenge.

Gill Hay, Head of Acquisitions at Channel 4, said of the show, “This primetime soap is a delicious guilty pleasure encompassing all the money, power and privilege of the Hamptons and a young woman set on revenge.

“It’s a compelling watch, which I think E4 viewers will find addictive.”

And Dayna Donaldson, the Executive Director of Media Distribution for Disney UK & Ireland added, “Revenge is one of the buzziest, juiciest series around at the moment – ABC Studios have produced a winning combination of intrigue, darkness, and sheer glamour, which is universally entertaining.

“We’re confident that E4 viewers will quickly be hooked.”

The series will debut on E4 later this year, but in the U.S., the show – which premiered last September – is already a hit.

Here’s the show’s trailer…

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