US ‘Only Fools’ remake asks Modern Family fans to name show

ABC, the Network giants behind the US remake of classic Brit sitcom, Only Fools And Horses, have reached out to fans to help name the new show.
In a  post on the Modern Family page on the social networking site, Facebook, fans were asked to vote on two possible names for the remake, with the choices being  Only Fools and Kings of Van Nuys.

The post said: “Modern Family fans – ABC is naming a new comedy series, and they want your opinion. See below for the description and title options.”

With  a description given of the show below the poll, reading: “Two fumbling brothers are just one scheme away from striking it rich.”

So far out of the 700+ people who have already voted since the announcement on April 24th, the majority seems to be swaying towards Only Fools, although some of them have taken it upon themselves to offer new titles for the remake, with ‘Fools Gold’ being one popular suggestion, while one poster wrote: “How about Cancelled After 5 Episodes?”

The comedy pilot follows the British concept of two streetwise brothers Del (John Leguizamo) and Rodney (Dustin Ybarra), accompanied by their grandfather (Christopher Lloyd), as they strive to become millionaires.

The show has not been greatly received by the Brits, with Sir David Jason, who played Del Boy in the classic version, saying that he thought a US version would struggle to connect with audiences.

To see the classic Only Fools boys in action, watch the clip below:

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