Olympic Champion Usain Bolt is determined he’ll play for Manchester United in the future whilst heroic diver Tom Daley shocks the audience when he arrives in a shirtless collar!

Is there anything Usain Bolt can’t do? Not only is he the world’s fastest man but now he’s convinced he can play for Manchester United. “I’ll be there, if the money’s right. No problem,” says Bolt when Jonathan asks how he’d respond if Alex Ferguson asked him to play for Manchester United. “That’s definitely one thing I want to try. I think I’ll be good. I can do that. I’ve got the skills,” he continues.

Bolt explains how it feels to know he’s the fastest man in the world. He says: “Sometimes I sit down and think, ‘I’m actually the fastest man in the world. I can beat you, I can beat you, I can definitely beat you.’” When Jonathan asks if he’s worried he’ll ever be beaten, Bolt responds: ”I’m not worried.”

Bolt is confident he’ll be going to Rio for the next Olympics. He says: “I definitely think so, if I pace myself.” He continues: “My coach says as long as I stay fit and focus I’ll be on top of the world until I retire.”

Gold Medallist Jessica Ennis talks of her excitement at meeting some of her favourite celebrities during the Olympic Games. She says: “One of my favourites was Jamie Oliver. I absolutely love him. He’s a great guy. To meet him and for him to come up to me was lovely. I think he said he would (cook for me). I’m going to hold him to that. “

Jessica jokes that her fiancé likes to think he can beat her. “He’s always like, ‘I can race you, I can beat you’. When we’re out and I’m in my heels, he says ‘Let’s have a race now, let’s go,’” Jessica explains.

“Could he beat you?” ask Jonathan. “No. I’m really not going to entertain that thought,” laughs Jessica.

Jessica admits she’s been enjoying having some time to herself since the end of the Olympics. She confesses she’s been ignoring calls from her coach. “I’ve been avoiding speaking to him. He keeps texting me but I’m putting it off for a few more weeks.” When Jonathan asks how she relaxes Jessica confesses she enjoys red wine and she has also bought the Fifty Shades of Grey books. “I’ve got three of them lined up,” she admits.

Tom Daley causes a stir when he turns up in a shirtless collar. “The invite I got said smart/casual,” he explains.

Tom confesses he has to fight his fears every time he prepares to dive. He says: “I get scared every time I’m up there (on the board). A 10 metre board is the height of two double decker buses and half a car, all piled up on top of each other. It’s a long way up and I get scared every time. I’ve hit my head twice.”

The young diver admits he’s had the toughest 18 months of his life following the tragic death of his father. He says of his father: “I’m gutted he wasn’t there to watch it. All the hard work we put in together when I was young paid off. It’s good my family have finally got some good news.”

Actor Colin Farrell tells Jonathan how much he’s enjoying being a father to James (8) and Henry (3) and explains that since having children a healthy lifestyle is important to him. Colin tells of his unusual method of giving up tobacco. He says, ”I wrote a letter to tobacco saying ‘thanks for being in my life, it was great having you there to lean on, you’ve been there through good times and bad’ and then I put it in a frying pan, lit it and said ‘off you go, someone else needs you’ and then I didn’t smoke for a year and a half.”

When talking about his sons, Colin adds: “They give me a will to live that’s greater than my own desire to see my days through. To see my days through with them is pretty cool.”

The gorgeous Kelly Brook tells Jonathan about her latest film The Keith Lemon Film. She says: “He (Keith) sent me the script. I thought it was the most offensive script I’ve ever read in my life. It was a bit of a dry spell, there wasn’t much going on, so I thought I might as well do it!” Kelly continues; “When I signed up he then decided to re-write the script. He incorporated a lot of dry humping. Every scene would always end with him on top of me,” she laughs.

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