Valentine’s Day Special: The best soap weddings

by Lynn Connolly


As it is of course Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best soap weddings, many of which have been set on this special day, but even if they weren’t, weddings are so romantic – unless they end like many soapy weddings in fights, tears, bloodshed and even deaths – they deserve a special mention on Valentine’s Day!

So let’s start with some of EastEnders most romantic weddings and one of my very favourite weddings was that of Kat and Alfie…

Set just days before Christmas, Alfie and Kat finally tied the knot. For ages, it seemed as if they’d never get together, especially after Kat had agreed to marry Andy Hunter, however, Alfie interrupted the wedding with the result that in the end, Alfie and Kat could no longer be apart. Here’s a clip of Alfie’s dramatic bursting in on Kat and Andy’s nuptials…

So Alfie and Kat got married, and with a guest appearance by the wonderful David Walliams as Alfie’s mate Ray – playing a bogus registrar – the wedding didn’t exactly go off without a hitch but it was tearjerkingly romantic nonetheless.

Earlier in EastEnders time was Tiffany and Grant’s wedding. Grant’s first marriage to Sharon Watts ended in a bitter divorce but 1996, it seemed he had everything; Tiffany was his beautiful bride who was pregnant when they wed, but again, the marriage was a disaster. She died after being knocked down by Frank’s car just before she and Grant were divorced. Here’s Tiffany’s final scene where she rows with Grant before she walks out of the Vic and gets killed…

And finally for ‘Enders weddings, with Ricky and Bianca’s current simmering love for each other rekindling nicely, let’s take a look at their original wedding. For Ricky and Bianca, it all began back in 1994; Ricky fell head over heels for Bianca Jackson and before long, the young couple were living together. However, their relationship and subsequent marriage was never without problems and they’ve been on and off again more times than Janine Butcher’s knickers!

Here’s a clip of the young couple getting hitched…

Now onto Emmerdale which has also seen its fair share of turbulent, tragic and troubled marriages… not to mention the damn near incestuous ones!

Paddy for instance seems to have something of an obsession with Dingle women – as often, so do Dingle men! – and his first marriage was to larger-than-life Mandy Dingle.

mandy and paddy

However, Mandy and Paddy’s marriage ended after what seemed such a promising start. But it was not to be and Paddy then went on to marry Emily, who’d been engaged to Butch Dingle before he got killed. The two had a hastily arranged marriage at Butch’s bedside as he was dying.


An Emmerdale marriage that was actually on Valentine’s Day though was that of Marlon and Tricia in 2003. That marriage was to end literally when death parted them as Tricia tragically died of severe injuries following a storm when half the Woolpack fell on the poor girl… Marlon never really got over her death and recently told Donna that Tricia had been the love of his life.


Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman didn’t quite manage to get hitched on Valentine’s Day but it was just three days later on the 17th in 2004. That marriage ended when Katie had an affair with Andy’s adoptive brother Robert and like Marlon, Andy’s never really got over Katie.

Here’s the first kiss between Robert and Katie that marked the beginning of the end of her marriage to Andy…

Coronation Street has had literally dozens of marriages in its long history and many of the Street’s residents have been married to each other more than once! For instance,  Steve and Karen’s second marriage was on Valentine’s Day in 2004.

steve and karen

The first time they got hitched was in 2001 and was done for a bet, however by the time they’d decided to remarry for all the right reasons in 2004, the evil Tracy Luv Barlow was very much on the scene and did her best to ruin the day for them.

Ultimately, she didn’t succeed and the wedding went ahead. It didn’t last long though and fiery Karen stomped off the cobbles for the last time in November of 2004.


Another Corrie couple who’ve been hitched twice are Sally and Kevin Webster. Their first wedding was as starry eyed youngsters in 1986 then as responsible grown ups in 2002.

During their separation, they both had affairs and Kevin even got married to another woman between marriages to Sally, but so far, they’re still hanging on in there, despite Sally’s aspirations to better herself and her family and Kevin’s reluctance to be nothing but himself!

Here’s a clip of how Kevin and Sally first met… be warned, horrific hair footage is contained!

Our final Corrie wedding is yet another twice-wed couple, Gail and Brian Tilsley.


Gail first married Brian in November 1979 and their marriage produced son Nick and daughter Sarah, although there was some question as to who was Sarah’s biological father after Gail had an affair with Brian’s cousin, Ian Latimer.

When Brian found out about the affair and realised the baby may not be his, he wanted Gail to have an abortion but she refused. Her infidelity caused the break-up of their marriage, but after paternity tests proved Brian was in fact Sarah’s father, the couple reunited and remarried in 1988.

So if you’re getting married today, don’t do it in Yorkshire, Manchester or London… chances are, if our soaps are anything to go by, these areas do not have a great success rate when it comes to marriages!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.