Vampire Diaries 6×10 spoilers: Bonnie is all alone at Christmas & Stefan breaks some devastating news to Caroline?

by Sarah Jones
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

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We love Bonnie Bennett but she truly is breaking our hearts in this season of Vampire Diaries. Of course, she’s stuck in 1994 Mystic Falls but originally she had Damon for company – now she’s stuck there with only psycho Kai. Sacrificing herself to make sure Damon got home. Sniff.

In the December 11th installment of the series, which is entitled ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’ it will see Bonnie reminisce on happier times and there’s set to be some pretty big Steroline based moments heading our way too.

Stuck alone in 1994 and the Christmas period coming, Bonnie attempts to have a Christmas of her own by replicating some of her favorite traditions – then she will begin to remember happier times. Oh BonBon, how we wish we could rescue you ourselves…

Meanwhile, Caroline is set to be sad at not being able to go home to Mystic Falls for the holidays but she’s got an unexpected surprise heading her way – as Sheriff Forbes brings the holidays to her! However, things won’t be happy for Caroline for long, as it’s been teased that Stefan himself is set to break some devastating news to the vampire barbie.

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In the meantime, Alaric discovers that Jo has gone missing and turns to Elena and Damon for help, in his quest to find his girlfriend. On the subject of witches, Tyler is set to come up with a ‘risky’ plan which sees Liv and Luke at odds. Could this solve their coven woes?

Matt and Jeremy will have the knifes out for Enzo, as they plan to take him down once and for all. However, despite his erratic behavior after Bonnie’s death, Jeremy is set to be surprised when Matt takes things way too far. Could Enzo be in danger?

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