Vampire Diaries: “Do Not Go Gentle” promo video, pictures and spoilers

Possession seems to be the theme of the series on The Vampire Diaries currently and we have just seen yet another possession in season three season 3, after Rebekah was taken over by her mother Esther. So what does this mean for the pair’s fate?

TV Guide have reported that Esther may already be finished with her daughter as now that she has the “white oak dagger from Alaric’s alter ego, she’ll leave Rebekah’s body and return to her own.”

We are sure her daughter will be glad to be alone and we aren’t entirely surprised by this development, especially considering the photo that has been released of Damon and Rebekah from the upcoming season finale.

We predict that the duo will now join forces, and unite against their common enemy, which should be an interesting pairing to say the least.

But there will be more twists and turns along the way and it comes to the fore in the next installment that Esther needs something from both Elena and Alaric if she wants to go ahead with wiping out her family. TV Guide states:

“And what Esther wants, Esther will get.”

This storyline will play out in the next episode, which is ominously titled “Do Not Go Gentle.”

Also in the episode, Elena asks Stefan to be her date for the school’s 1920’s themed dance, but of course it all ends in drama when Damon and Stefan become desperate to reverse a spell and end up trapped in the building.

Meanwhile, Caroline is elated when Tyler turns up at the dance, hoping to win her back, however Klaus is determined that it won’t happen while he is around.

The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle” will air on CW Thursday, April 26 at 8/7c in the US and on ITV2 on the 8th of May in the UK.