Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder interacts with his Twitter hacker and Nina Dobrev has a new neighbour, show producer Julie Plec!


Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder, took a new approach to crime fighting when it came to his Twitter account being hacked recently – he made friends with the stalker!

Whilst off filming for his new film, The Anomaly, on Friday, Somerhalder’s account was hacked, but luckily enough for him his Vampire Diaries producer, Julie Plec, was alerted to the situation from an avalanche of tweets from his fans, and managed to warn him, and all his followers!

Taking to the social networking site to alert Somerhalder, Plec tweeted:

“Dear @IanSomerhalder, according to the entirety of the Twitter world on my mentions, you’ve been hacked. Dear world, ignore his tweets,”

Then, with all the original tweets posted by the hacker that were described by as weird having been deleted from Somerhalder’s thread, Somerhalder decided to tackle the situation head on, by interacting with his hacker!

The exchange between the two went a little something like this:

Hacker: ‘lol I know you’re probably p*ssed but I have nothing but respect for you – was just having a little fun. no hard feelings? :p

‘Let me know how I can make it up to you (or block me if you want), I won’t message you again unless you respond – peace.’

To which Somerhalder replied:

‘Really not cool… I appreciate the message though.. Yes please stop. Have a great day – ‘


After the madness had ended, Somerhalder retook control of his tweetdeck once again and told fans:

“In other great news – I LOVE YOU PEOPL! THANKS FOR HELPING ME 😉 Love, The REAL Ian,”

As well as adding that he was heading off to continue filming “The Anomaly.”

nina dobrev

Elsewhere, and whilst Somerhalder has acquired a new friend, it would seem that his ex, Nina Dobrev, has acquired a new neighbour!

Vampire Dairies producer, Julie Plec, has moved into an apartment incredibly close to Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert in the hit US cult show, in Atlanta.

Plec is said to have made the move, not to be closer to Somerhalder’s ex, but because she now has two shows based close to there, Vampire Dairies and its Spin-off The originals, which is currently filming in Georgia.

Julie Plec

Julie Plec

But it would seem that living close to Dobrev, who split with Somerhalder in a whirlwind of media interest last month, is not a turn-off for Plec who tweeted the star, in response to a picture from her mystery holiday:

“@ninadobrev where are you? I must know. P.S. I got the apartment. We’re now neighbors. xoxo.”

To which Dobrev excitedly replied:

“You got it!! Neighbors! I’m thrilled!”

Watch an interview with Somerhalder and Dobrev from happier times in the clip below: