Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder reminisces over Nina Dobrev, whilst she reveals her real true love – and it isn’t him!


Despite rumours flying that he has just split up with her, Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder has been reminiscing about Nina Dobrev.

According to sources close to the two US cult stars, the relationship between Somerhalder and Dobrev broke down because of conflicting commitment wishes, and since the pair have been spotted, separately, getting over one another in their own different ways.

However, it would seem that Somerhalder may not be quite as over Nina as she is him, as he has discussing fond memories about her seeing him naked for the first time at The Vampire Diaries BloodyNightCon Europe in Brussels this month.

He told the audience:

“It was season three, episode one and Damon’s (Ian’s character) in the bath tub and he’s having champagne.

“Damien gets out of the bathtub completely naked, so I was really naked, expect for some suds and I had to walk out into the main room and I run into Elena and there I am naked.”

“We shot all my coverage (where the camera is on me) first and then we flipped it around to Nina and because Nina had seen it now ten times with every take, we decided it would be very interesting to get a real reaction out of her.

“As the cameras were rolling, she figured that I’d be wearing a robe or something.

“No robe, no suds and props people had made these elephant ears out of felt and I double stick taped them to my thighs and Nina turned around…All she could see was me completely naked with elephant ears and a very small trunk.

“And that was the take we used on the show. It worked. That’s how giving I am to my fellow actors.” he concluded.


Meanwhile, Nina has been doing some revealing of her own as she informed US talk show host Rachael Ray that her real passion in life is food, explaining:

“My way of discovering of what I like was to create a restaurant list and eat my way through it and I call it my inner fat girl bucket list.”

But one thing she won’t eat is “sea urchin.”

The actress then went on to name her most extravagant purchase:

“a convertible car, stupid idea it was fun but then in the winter it was freezing”

As well as sharing her most embarrassing moment:

“telling the sound guy that I dropped the mic in the toilet.”

Watch Nina’s appearance on The Rachael Ray show below: