The Vampire Diaries: Julie Plec talks the cure & how Ian Somerhalder’s Damon originally had it in the bag!

by Nick Barnes

Ian Somerhalder

As we all know by now, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was originally going to get ‘the cure’ last season, but in the end, Nina Dobrev’s Katherine was given the cure.

The show has recently hit its 100th episode milestone and showrunner Julie Plec has spoken about the decision to give Katherine the cure over poor Damon – she certainly had her reasons!

The idea of the cure was something that the producers of the show came up with before it even began but as the seasons went by, the idea of giving it to Damon changed. In fact, they thought about giving it to Elena before actually deciding to give it to Katherine and turn her into a human.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Julie Plec said: “We thought of Damon. We were like how perfect, the one person who loves to be a vampire more than anything should be the one person that we cure, and [we] went through a good chunk of the season believing that was the choice we were going to make.

nina dobrev

“And then a couple things happened that made us really talk about it further: One was people were instantly guessing it on the Internet so we decided we weren’t as clever as we thought we were, and two was we starting thinking about the deliciousness of Damon the character and Ian [Somerhalder] the actor as the vampire Damon and were we really going to be able to get a lot of story out of Damon as a human, as much as we wanted to, or was it just going to be kind of depressing for Ian the actor and for the character to have to see him struggle with things like the common cold and not having any powers? And would that in a way de-sexify the character or make [him] less of an enigma?”

Plec went on to add that the only other person who was really safe from not getting the cure was Caroline.

Plec added: “We knew we didn’t want to cure Caroline because Caroline is just too awesome as a vampire. We even thought about Stefan for a bit but then somehow in the middle of it all the notion of Katherine Perce came up. We had not been using Katherine a lot because it’s very taxing on production and very very very taxing on Nina Dobreb. So as fun and enjoyable as it is for the fans and for us as storytellers because we love that character, it makes everybody’s life really difficult, so we had kind of promised not to do any stories with her for quite a long time.

“So for the first hurdle we had to cross was how can we get everybody on board with this because this is the one thing we’re not supposed to do right now is to use Katherine!”

So Katherine is now human and “her age has finally caught up with her” and she has to look back on her life and the mistakes that she has made. The cohoice to give Katherine the cure was something that was heavily debated, but, it seems to have come out as the right choice.