Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev steps out with new man Derek Hough for first time, whilst Ian Somerhalder admits his busy schedule is taking it’s toll on him!

by Anna Howell

nina dobrev

Following recent reports that Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev is dating Cheryl Cole’s ex, Derek Hough, the pair have now been pictured out and about together.

Dobrev, who split with her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder earlier this year after 18 months of dating, met the Dancing With The Stars professional dancer through his sister, who she is best friends with.

The pair are reported to have gotten close in recent weeks and, despite saying that she had no intention of jumping from one relationship into another, it seems that Nina is pretty smitten with Derek.

The pair were spotted together outside of the Roosevelt Hotel in LA after a day out with Derek’s sister Julianne Hough and Selena Gomez, after having already attended a Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

Houg and Cheryl Cole

Houg and Cheryl Cole

Rumours about the relationship began when Dobrev took to social networking site, Twitter, to gush about Derek’s recent Emmy win, tweeting a picture of him holding the award along with the caption:

“@Derekhough !!!!!!!! #EMMYWINNER I cant express in 140 characters how unbelievably excited+incredibly proud I am of you. You deserve this.”

As well as adding in another post:

“@derekhough Those of us touched by your light got to watch you brighten up the rest of the world. Keep shining!”

To which Derek humbly replied:

“Your the best babe.”

Meanwhile her ex, and co-star Ian Somerhalder has been busy himself, but not in the same way.


The actor, whose character Damon is set to embark on a relationship with Dobrev’s character when the new series returns, has admitted that his schedule is pretty tight these days, but if he wants to achieve his dreams of furthering his career he must start being kinder to his health, as he told Icon magazine:

“There really is no off time for me. You know, I’m really grateful for television and I like the commitment. Of course I want to do more film,

“I’d really like to get to the point where I can act in a film and direct a film every year. And of course, enjoy myself. I’ve been on the grind for 10 months out of the year for the last six years. It is a great problem to have, but it takes a toll on you.”

He did however go on to praise VD for the opportunities it has already given him:

“I obviously feel wonderful about the show. It has defined my life for the last four years and will continue to. It is multi-faceted, you know? You get a bit of creative fulfillment, which is incredible, and you also have a tremendous amount of talented people around that become like family,” he shared.

“And ultimately, due to the success, we have this exposure level that allows us to influence people. When you have that ear of the public you are able to use that for positive things. I feel like I am able to do that with the great fan base of the show.”