Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley says “I am Team Damon” – Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev to reunite?

by Anna Howell


The Vampire Diaries star, Paul Wesley, has revealed that he is on “Team Damon”, despite playing his rival Stefan on the hit CW show.

Fans of the hit US cult series will know how since it began a long-standing rivalry has been in place between brothers Damon and Stefan, with both competing for the affections of Elena (Nina Dobrev).

The drama spilled out in to real life this year too when Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon split with his long-term girlfriend, Nina Dobrev after dating for two years.

Things are set to get even more complicated between the two as Julie Plec, the show’s producer, has revealed that in the new series Damon and Elena will finally get together and embark on a relationship once again.

Fans of the show, like with many cult followings, have been split down the middle over who they think should get the girl, creating two camps, Team Damon and Team Stefan.


And it’s not just the fans who have strong opinions, Paul Wesley who plays Stefan has revealed that he has a preference too – and it isn’t in favour of his character!

Discussing how he finds it hard to compete with his on-screen brother’s looks and popularity with Digital Spy, the actor revealed:

“I should be biased because I play Stefan, but I am Team Damon,

“But only because he’s got those pretty blue eyes, and the way he does the sexy rafter dance with his shirt off. He won me over at that point.”

Wesley went on to describe the impact that death has on the series:

“I feel like every character in the show has died at one point or another. We keep dying.

“Jeremy has died [several] times. I died in flashback. So whose death am I mourning? Mine! I only think of myself. I feel like I’m mourning my own death!

“No, seriously, I know she wasn’t a big character but I thought that Rose’s death was really emotional. I thought that was a beautiful moment, beautifully done.”

Would you like to see Ian and Nina reunited on screen, of not in real life? Let us know. Tell us if you’re Team Damon or Team Stefan below…

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