‘Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley talks about fans and working with his wife Torrey DeVitto

by Anna Howell

Paul Wesely, star of Vampire Diaries, has opened up about his fans and the casting of his wife, Torrey DeVitto on the Rachel Ray show.

The Oprah produced day time chat show made for a perfect grilling platform, with Rachel Ray holding no punches when it came to extracting all the gossip from the Vampire Diaries actor, with one of the main focusses being on working with his wife, Torrey DeVitto (the daughter of Billy Joel’s drummer – you thought I was going to say Danny then, didn’t you?) who plays Meredith Fellin the hit US show.

Wesley was a happy contributor to the show, and openly discussed what it was like to watch his wife kiss another man, Matt Davis who plays Alaric, Meredith’s love interest, on set.

The actor, who plays the fiendishly handsome Stefan Salvatore in the cult TV show,  insisted it was not an awkward situation for the couple, and even went as far as to say the intimate scenes with his wife were more painful for Davis than for him,commenting:  “He came up to me and he was like, ‘Is this okay? Is this going to be okay? Are you sure?” adding:  “I was like ‘Dude, no, it’s okay! Get in there! Get in there champ! Do what you gotta do!’ Perfectly normal, healthy environment.”

Wesley also went on to say that this summer he is set to visit Europe especially to visit fans of the show,commending their support and  their following, which he says  has always been very strong, he commented:  “It was very funny — I was visiting my family about a year ago, and I was in this tiny little remote village, like in the middle of nowhere, and there was this 12-year-old girl who looked at me and it was so out of context because it was in this tiny little store that had like seven things for sale,” he recalls. “She was so confused as to why Stefan Salvatore was buying canned goods in this tiny village. And so I said a quick hello in Polish, a quick goodbye in Polish, gave her a little smile, and left, and she was just completely dumbfounded. It was actually phenomenal.”

If you need a tour guide Paul…..

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