Vampire Diaries season 3 spoilers: “The Departed” – What’s going on between Damon and Alaric?

The Vampire Diaries season three is drawing to a close and and in the upcoming series finale, things are set to get tense and even violent between Damon and evil Alaric.

Having just gotten rid of one bad guy, there will be more violence in the episode titled ‘The Departed’, as Alaric tries to force Damon to tell him where Klaus is. In the promo below, the former good guy but now seriously ominous character also crosses paths with Elena’s brother Jeremy at a bar and tells him that they have a lot to discuss, the camera then pans to the massive stake he is holding….uh oh.

Stefan and Damon have to leave Mystic Falls and though Elena is worried about their wellbeing, Stefan promises the brunette beauty that he will do all he can, to make sure they all make it back in one piece.

It has been reported in the synopsis that the duo get split up, when Elena needs one of them and we can’t help but wonder if their urgent assistance is required, because of her car crash seen in the video below.

Later in the episode, Jeremy is forced to make a life changing decision, when his sister’s life hangs in the balance and a secret deal made by Bonnie, has devastating consequences for Caroline and Tyler.

There will also be flashback scenes, which will feature Elena and Jeremy’s parents Grayson and Miranda, and more recently deceased Aunt Jenna.

You can check out pictures of the flashback scenes, including Elena in a cheerleading outfit and looking much more perky and happy than she has in a while, here.

‘The Departed’ will air in the US on May 10, 2012 and on ITV2 in the UK on 22nd May. It has recently been confirmed for a fourth season.