Vampire Diaries Spoilers: “Do Not Go Gentle” teaser video, pictures

The cast of the Vampire Diaries get into the party mood in the next episode of the hit US TV show….well kind of.

In the twentieth installment of the current series – titled “Do Not Go Gentle” – Caroline suggests that Elena invites Stefan to the schools’ 1920’s themed dance (which is kind of fitting don’t you think ) as Rebekah won’t be able to make the event and the brunette beauty is only too pleased to oblige.

Bonnie asks Jamie if he will be her date for the school function, and Caroline is delighted when Tyler shows his face and is determined to woo her, however Klaus tries his best to throw a spanner in the works of any romance between the pair.

Of course the fun takes a deadly turn later in the night and vampire brothers Damon and Stefan enlist the assistance of Jeremy, Matt and Bonnie to reverse a dangerous spell, that threatens the lives of everyone at the party. Things get worse too for the Salvatore siblings, as they end up trapped in the hall because of a trap that surrounds the building.

Elsewhere, evil Alaric finds he has a new and unexpected ally to show him the way and he brings even more terror to Elena’s door, as he is ever more adamant that he is staying on the evil side.

Vampire Diaries returns to CW for “Do Not Go Gentle” on Thursday, April 26 at 8/7c in the US and on ITV2 on the 8th of May in the UK.

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