Vampire Diaries spoilers: Season 3 finale “The Departed” – pictures, teasers and Elena in a cheerleading outfit

The Vampire Diaries is drawing to the end of it’s third season and as usual, it is not going to disappoint in terms of drama, clifhangers and OMG moments!

The finale of the third run will be titled “The Departed” and not only will it be edge of your seat exciting, but it will also contain an expensive and impressive underwater sequence….who knew vampires could swim?

The gang will be fighting a battle against a good guy gone bad, which we think is always the hardest kind of war to wage. And it doesn’t help that evil Alaric knows Stefan, Elena, Damon, Bonnie and co very well, which helps him anticipate their next move and he knows exactly what each of their weaknesses and strengths are.

It certainly gives him quite the advantage, making the outcome of the episode hard to predict, But, isn’t it more fun that way?

We aren’t entirely sure why he is wandering around a storage facility, as you can see in the picture, but we do know that he is probably up to no good and he doesn’t look like he’s exactly ready to party.

One of the scenes we are most looking forward to in the episode, is the short comeback of Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) by the means of some flashback moments. In those, we will see how she reacted when she discovered she would become the legal guardian of Elena and Jeremy and what the two teenagers were like before the supernatural creatures around them, took over their lives.

Elena certainly looks a lot more cheerful and a lot less broody in that perky cheerleader’s outfit doesn’t she?

‘The Departed’ will air in the US on May 10, 2012 and on ITV2 in the UK on 22nd May.

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