The Vamps’ Brad Simpson wants creative control & James McVey has a dream!

by Martin
The Vamps

The Vamps

British band The Vamps released their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ earlier in the year and it’s safe to say it was a huge success.

The ‘Can We Dance’ heartthrobs have already began thinking about what they want from their second album and have revealed they hope to have more creative control over it.

The Vamps have confirmed their next single lifted from their debut album will be the Shawn Mendes collaboration ‘Oh Cecilia’ and it’s going to drop on the 12th of October.

While they’re busy performing shows and preparing themselves for their tour they’ve already began thinking about where they’re going next.

Speaking with Digital Spy, the Brits have confessed they want to go back to their roots and focus on their own songwriting with their new album.

Frontman Brad Simpson explained: “Yeah, [we want] a lot more creative control. We had loads of control over the first album, but we did have co-writes.

“Whereas, I think for the next one we’re going to have a few weeks out as just us, and then go demo it in the studio.”

Are you going to see The Vamps on tour?

Are you going to see The Vamps on tour?

He went on to add that they’ve developed quite a bit by working with other songwriters but confessed it would be nice to do their own thing a little more.

During the same interview the hunks discussed changing things up slightly in terms of their sound and would like to take it in a rock direction in the future.

Brad spoke about their new single’s B-side ‘Hurricane’ and explained that it sounds “a lot more live” in comparison to the first one which sounds “very clean-cut pop”.

“That isn’t a bad thing, but as we’ve had the album out and gigged it, we’ve realised how much we prefer having it sound rockier and raw.” He added that they want to continue with that sound.

James McVey also revealed that he would love to be collaborating with people like Ed Sheeran and other UK music stars.