The Vamps: Connor Ball in trouble with Taylor Swift & shy Brad Simpson freezes!

by Lisa McGarry
connor ball the vamps

connor ball the vamps

Connor Ball has revealed that he got himself into a whole heap of trouble, when he was on tour with Taylor Swift last year.

The Vamps supported the stunning US songstress on the London leg of her Red Tour in February 2014 and it seems they didn’t make the best first impression when they met her earlier this year.

In an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine, Connor admitted that he made a bit of a mess when he was hanging out in Swifty’s dressing room and got quite the lecture about his behaviour afterwards.

He explained:

“When we were on tour I got hummus everywhere in Taylor Swift’s dressing room and got told off. I had to clean it up and I’m allergic to hummus!”

The Vamps


James McVey revealed that he didn’t shine any brighter than his bandmate when he first met the blonde beauty, in fact he was so embarrassed and nervous that he couldn’t speak during their initial introduction.

The hunk laughed:

“It was quite embarrassing when we met Taylor Swift for the first time. I couldn’t speak properly.”

Brad Simpson was no better and added:

brad the vamps

“My voice cracked when I spoke to her too. It actually squeaked. Er, I was working the cute angle.”

Connor has had a few other embarrassing experiences too and revealed that he still can’t bear to think about the time he fell over during a star studded gig.

“I fell over on stage when there were quite a few famous people watching. I just wanted to cry myself to sleep and never show my face again.,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ball has revealed that he fell foul of one of his pals last night, during tickling session gone wrong.

The heartthrob tweeted his fans last night saying:

“Tickling someone’s feet is never a good idea. I just got a foot to the face 💀👏”

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