The Vamps discuss their fans and the sound of their debut album

by Martin
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The Vamps are currently growing in popularity at an incredible rate and the band are set to release their debut album later this year.

The band have spoken about the album and teased that it might not be as pop sounding as fans might expect because they enjoy experimenting with various sounds.

The Vamps have spoken in an interview about the album which still remains untitled and admitted that their second single ‘Wild Heart’ helped to set the tone of the debut album.

Band member James McVey explained: “We really enjoyed making ‘Can We Dance’ but with ‘Wild Heart’ we kind of experimented more with musical genre in the sense that we added a banjo and mandolin.”

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He added: “We like to try and push ourselves into directions to try new things really and we’ve gone for more of a folky vibe so we hope people like it. We like to think it’s a feel good song I guess.”

The Vamps’ Bradley Simpson also spoke about incorporating a ‘folky vibe’ into future material and said that it’s something they’d all like to do:

“‘Wild Heart’ has kind of influenced the rest of the album sound almost just because it was such a key song for us, and so was ‘Can We Dance’, but like James said there’s a lot of like folky vibes in it so we try and incorporate that into a lot of other songs as well.”

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The heartthrobs also spoke about how lucky they are to have the fan base that they have after they were nominated by the MTV Brand New 2014 Award.

The company quoted Bradley Simpson as saying: “We were very lucky that we had a wicked fanbase out there already willing to go out and get the single.”

Member James McVey added: “We’re very lucky to have those fans.”

Watch the official music video for ‘Wild Heart’ below and leave us your comments.