The Vamps reveal their musical influences and talk Rizzle Kicks?

by Martin
The Vamps will air a special mini-documentary on YouTube

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The Vamps fan base is quickly growing and the rising British group have spoken about their musical influences.

The band have also spoken about an interest in collaborating with Rizzle Kicks after they revealed there is a chance there would be a special guest on their debut album.

The Vamps spoke with Digital Spy and revealed which bands they take inspiration from when it comes to writing.

Included on their list was the likes of Good Charlotte, AC/DC and McFly which from our perspective is a pretty good selection to be taking inspiration from.

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Bradley Simpson of the band said: “There are different artists who inspire different aspects of our music.

“For me, I played guitar for three years before I even started singing, so to inspire me to play guitar it was [AC/DC guitarist] Angus Young and the film School Of Rock.”

“For singing, it was probably Paolo Nutini. The style I really got into was his – and Arctic Monkeys were probably a big one. Performance, for all of us, I think is McFly.”

James McVey also commented and said: “Busted and Good Charlotte – if it wasn’t for those two bands, then I wouldn’t have ever got into guitar. But for writing it’s Taylor Swift, obviously. It’s McFly for live. Before I had seen them in concert I would never have performed as we do now.”

Connor Ball commented: “There’s an album by All Time Low called ‘Nothing Personal’ which is awesome.”

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James McVey added: “I really like both of Damien Rice’s albums in full, and I like all of Taylor Swift’s albums. There’s a band called Green ‘River Ordinance’ that I’ve just got into over the past six months and they’re really awesome.”

Speaking about the possibility of a collaboration with Rizzle Kicks in an interview with The Daily Star The Vamps added:

“There’s scope for a featured artist on our album. Rizzle Kicks have said they’d love to write with us. I’d be great if that could happen.”

“They don’t get enough recognition for how good they are in concert – put us in a room together and the results would get everyone jumping.”

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