The Vamps talk first concerts, likes and dislikes & who else they think fans should be listening to

by Martin
On Set With The Vamps (© MTV Music)

The Vamps

British band The Vamps have come along way in their career so far, despite the fact that it’s still early days for the group, but thanks to their talent, they’re sure to have a long and illustrious career ahead of them yet…

But of course, they’re not without competition from the likes of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, but their fans are loyal and that’s in part thanks to how sociable and interactive the band are with their fans on social media sites such as Twitter, where they currently have 1.89 million followers.

Recently though, they took over MTV’s Twitter account and gave fans the chance to ask them a few questions, which they were more than happy to answer.

The Vamps

The band were asked by one follower where they find the inspiration to write their music, and frontman Brad Simpson took the opportunity to answer, saying: “We were inspired to make music by other musicians like AC/DC, Florida Georgia Line, Blink-182 and Shawn Mendes.”

The popular band were then asked for some suggestions as to what other artists their fans should be checking out right now, and they had a fairly mixed bag of ideas…

Bassist Connor suggested fans should start listening to Deaf Havana, while Brad suggested Hozier. Drummer Tristan went on to recommend Florida Georgia Line.

The band also recently took part in a quick-fire interview with Hollywire and answered a variety of questions, including the first concert they ever attended.

Tristan explained that Angels & Airwaves were his first concert, while James McVey confessed his first concert was The Fray. For Brad Simpson, his first show was seeing Jamiroquai.

The Vamps also revealed they prefer being on the road touring as opposed to recording because it’s “more fun”, and in response to more quick-fire questions, James revealed that he likes protein-packed chicken while Tristan prefers jalapeño peppers. Brad said he would choose pepperoni as his favourite pizza topping.

Are you going to see The Vamps on tour?

Are you going to see The Vamps on tour?

Next week, The Vamps will perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City, which takes place on the 27th of November. They will also perform at the Key 103 Christmas event in Manchester on the 4th of December.