The Vamps joining 5SOS? Connor Ball & Tristan Evans in tears!

by Martin
The Vamps

The Vamps

British band, The Vamps have revealed that they’re rather soft hearted and sensitive and aren’t above crying over an emotional song or a movie.

The group, who have recently starred in Hollyoaks and are busy building a massive fan base around the world, have been opening up in a new interview and if it doesn’t make you awwww a little, then you have a harder heart than us!

In a chat with We Love Pop magazine, the ‘Can We Dance’ singers were asked if any songs make them blub like babies and Connor Ball admitted that he cries over Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett on a regular basis. Celine Dion’s Titanic track My Heart Will Go On gets him every time and he explained:

“Probably. That Titanic one is pretty epic.”

Tristan isn’t above a tear jerker either and added:

“Hero by Enrique! I know it’s an old one but it makes me bawl” while James revealed that just three weeks ago ‘Endlessly’ by Green River Ordinance made him cry.

Of course, the band should be used to tears by now, since every time they perform, their concerts are filled with weeping girls, in floods of tears over their own songs. Connor admitted that he still finds that “kind of” weird.

The Vamps

He added: “It’s nice that people can feel the emotion that was originally put in the song though.”

However Brad thinks the tears are a little weird because most of their songs are “upbeat”.

With McBusted rocking the UK on their recent tour, the band were also asked who they’d like to form a supergroup with and they’ve suggested 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Brad joked: “How about 5 Seconds of The Vamps?” while Tristan confessed: “I reckon Lawson. They’re really cool guys and we get on. We’d call ourselves The Lamps” – we like it!

Do you have any songs by The Vamps that make you cry? What about The Vamps forming a supergroup? Who would you like to see them join forces with? Let us know in the comments below!