Viewers express fury over Channel 4 documentary The 15 Stone Babies claiming it “sympathised with paedophiles”

the 15 stone babies

A film that aired on Channel 4 last week, entitled, The 15 Stone Babies, has not unexpectedly caused a furore among viewers who claim that the documentary “sympathised with paedophiles” in that it featured adults who fantasise that they are children in sexual relationships.

My colleague Matt D wrote this review of the show, which featured fetishist Justin, who’s 37 and who is in what he described as a “father-daughter” relationship with his lover, 27 year old Kat.

Of this particular couple, the Daily Star states, “She liked to pretend she was six but her ‘daddy’ admitted he would prefer her to act two or three.”

In the documentary, Justin said, “I’m interested in child-like qualities of wonder, not children.”

Many viewers expressed their horror at the film on Twitter, with Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan tweeting, “Literally channel4 you have just made a programme full of pedos. #welldone #applause.”

Another Twitter user added, “Channel 4 is just glorifying paedophilia! Sick!!! #15stonebabies.”

And another wrote, “Adult baby website booms with new sign ups as paedos slither towards the loophole Channel 4 so graciously broadcast. Good work, kids.”

While defending the broadcaster for airing the film, a Channel 4 spokesman said, “The film was an observational documentary following adults who sometimes dress and act as babies.

“The programme was appropriately scheduled at 10pm and we’ve received a small number of complaints, 11 in total.”

15 stone 1

Here’s a clip from the film…

What’s your opinion on this documentary? Was it wrong for Channel 4 to air it?

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