The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln says Rick will be brutal & premiere is “no holds barred”

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead: Season 5 - Rick

The Walking Dead mill really is churning out these spoilers and teasers! Andrew Lincoln who plays the amazing role of Rick Grimes on the hit drama has teased that there’s “no holds barred” during the first couple of episods of season five.

At the moment, season 5 is in production, and the cast and crew around the episode 4 or 5 mark. Head on inside to see what else Andrew had to say about the forthcoming season.

Recently, season 5 has been described as mind blowing. Speaking about that, he said that so far, the season is amazing, and filming is “always ramped up to the max”.

He went on to add that it’s exciting to return to the series this year, because for the first time ever last season, the drama left off on a cliffhanger, which has given the show an “incredible impact”.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from 'The Walking Dead'

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from ‘The Walking Dead’

The start of season 5 is going to be interesting, as Andrew teased that the characters jump back into the middle of the chaos when the season starts, due to the cliffhanger ending.

He’s not kidding either as Greg Nicotero who directed the premier episode has said that there was enough scope in the opener for an entire movie.

Elsewhere, Rick Grimes is going to be the Rick we all fell in love with – the Rick that was a beast, and not the one that took a step back.

In an interview with Gold Derby, Andrew explained that Rick is “at his most dangerous” this season, but he’s also in a very different place, and he’s enjoying playing him this year.

So, it all sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? The Walking Dead will return to our screens this October, so you’d still got some time to catch up, or even rewatch some of the previous seasons!


  1. Susanne Swanson on June 27, 2014 at 1:05 am

    I love this show for its no hold barred attitude. Last season Rick changed and I love this new Rick, he is stronger and more dangerous than ever before. I hope the group will appreciate him for what he is. He is the type of leader they need in times like these.

  2. Rachel on June 27, 2014 at 1:36 am

    Finally! We get the old Rick back! Not the farmer, hippy-commune leading, soft Rick from the beginning of last season. Hooray!!

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