The Walking Dead: Chad ‘Tyreese’ Coleman talks midseason finale

by Martin

chad coleman

Last night we saw the conclusion to the first half of the fourth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ and you don’t have to worry, this is a spoiler free zone.

That’s right ‘The Walking Dead’ has halted and won’t be back on our screens until February 2014.

One of the shows actors Chad Coleman who plays Tyreese has spoken to Entertainment Weekly Radio ahead of the midseason finale airing and for UK fans at least you may have not seen it yet but what he says is true.

Coleman said that fans were in for a treat (and believe us, he wasn’t wrong), speaking to the radio show he said: “[It will be] gut wrenching and epic. Jawdropping and all of the above.”

Chad Coleman The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ actor also took the time to thank fans of the show during the interview after it was noted by the show’s host just how many people tuned in to watch the show.

When he was asked about how rewarding it felt to have over 20 million viewers when the show premiered he said:

“It truly is. It’s unbelievable. We have so much gratitude for our fans. They are truly passionate and that’s why we want to give them the best product possible.”

Coleman also commented on his character ‘Tyreese’ and admitted that is heart is too big for his own good.


He said: “I think that’s what it is, finding that balance between what the rules of engagement are in a post-apocalyptic world. Can you really afford to have a heart that big? And he’s finding out. He’s learning. You’ve got to know the landscape.

“You got to play by certain rules. It’s all part of a maturation process for Tyreese, to make him a better man and a better leader.”

He added: “I appreciate his nobility, but there are just things that everybody has to learn hard and fast and I think he’s in the middle of his learning curve right now.”

Watch an official trailer for the first season of ‘The Walking Dead’ below.

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