The Walking Dead dropped by British broadcaster Channel 5

by Nick Barnes
The Walking Dead

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead has been given the Channel 5 treatment, it has been confirmed, and by that, I mean dropped!

Indeed, the British TV network has announced that it will no longer be showing episodes of The Walking Dead on any of the channels across the network.

However, Channel 5 did have a bit of a back-handed deal when it came to The Walking Dead as after it airs in the US on AMC, it is then shown on FOX in the UK before being shown on Channel 5 or 5* at a later date. So, at that point, the majority would have probably seen the new episodes anyway.

Subsequently, Channel 5 announced yesterday (January 23) that it will not be showing any of the forthcoming fourth season of the show.

The Walking Dead is just one in a line of shows that Channel 5 has dropped over the past few weeks as the channel will not be showing the fifth season of Justified. It was also confirmed last month that after broadcasting two seasons of Once Upon a Time, the show has been given the same treatment.

Elsewhere, The Walking Dead is set to return to AMC on February 9 and a few days back, we were given a glimpse into the remainder of the fourth season and it looks like it’s going to be explosive.

During the midseason finale, The Governor was killed off as he launched an attack on the prison. The idea of living in harmony with everyone went against everything he seemingly believed in.

The Walking Dead

From looking at the trailer, it seems like things seem to be getting to the cast. Michonne is seen killing a couple of walkers and she’s overcome with emotion. Is this because she’s exhausted with living the way everybody has to live? Are things finally getting on top of her? Who knows…

Over the top of the video, we hear Rick say: “It’s not gonna be easy, but we’re not too far gone. We’re survivors”.

It looks like the number of walkers has been ramped up as well as it appears Rick & Co are trying to escape the prison which is on fire. The fences have been broken down around the prison and the walkers have invaded.

That most likely explains the tag-line for the remainder of the season, in which we’re told “Don’t look back”. This could possibly refer to the characters not looking back into the past and to focus on the present – getting as far away as possible and making sure that they don’t get taken down by any of the walkers.

In one of the scenes, we also see Carl walking along a path on his own. Will Carl take on quite a big role during the latter half of the current season? The official poster, which was released a couple of weeks back, sees Carl and Rick heading across some train tracks. It looks like the pair have quite an uncertain future, as do the rest of the characters.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 9.