The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz join the ranks

by Nick Barnes


The new season of The Walking Dead kicks off this evening, and two brand new pivotal characters from the comic-series have been cast.

It has been revealed that Josh McDermitt and Michael Cudlitz have joined the ranks of the zombie drama series.

Firstly, McDermitt will play the role of Dr. Eugene Porter, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Porter is a former high school science teacher who first appears in the 53rd issue of the series. He travels with sports coach and army Sgt. Abraham Ford – which is when Cudlitz comes into play as he will portray Ford. The pair also travel with Rosita (Christian Serratos), who has previously been cast.


Abraham is a married father of two, who following the outbreak of the zombies returned from a hunt for supplies to find his wife and young daughter had been raped. What’s more, his son was forced to watch. He kills the culprits but his family end up fleeing him in fear that he has gone bat crap crazy. They are later found to have been turned.

The threesome end up crossing paths with Rick as they make their way to Washington, in the comics and unbeknownst to them, Eugene is lying when he says he knows what caused the zombie outbreak – he instead uses Abraham Ford to protect him.


Speaking to THR, showrunner Scott Gimple said: “We’re going to tell a version of the Eugene, Abraham and Rosita comic stories, that’s what we do. I love those characters from the book, they are very different flavors of comic book characters than we’ve seen on the show”.

The arrival of the characters also allows the show to explore different locations than the prison.

Gimple explains: “We’re at the prison the first two episodes. We start looking at other places in episode three on but that isn’t even tied with them yet.”

The Walking Dead returns this evening on AMC.