The Walking Dead: Midseason return trailer released, the prison is over!

by Nick Barnes
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead may not return to AMC until February 9, but we’ve recently been given an AMAZING midseason return trailer to feast our eyes on.

The first thing that stuck us about the new trailer is that there’s SO much action within the mere 30 second video, so we’re very excited about the return of the series following the winter break.

The midseason finale was explosive as The Governor was killed off as he launched an attack on the prison. Apparently, living in harmony wasn’t what the Governor had in mind. He either had the prison, or nobody did.

From looking at the trailer, it seems like things seem to be getting to the cast. Michonne is seen killing a couple of walkers and she’s overcome with emotion. Is this because she’s exhausted with living the way everybody has to live? Are things finally getting on top of her? Who knows…

Over the top of the video, we hear Rick say: “It’s not gonna be easy, but we’re not too far gone. We’re survivors”.

The Walking Dead

It looks like the number of walkers has been ramped up as well as it appears Rick & Co are trying to escape the prison which is on fire. The fences have been broken down around the prison and the walkers have invaded.

That most likely explains the tag-line for the remainder of the season, in which we’re told “Don’t look back”. This could possibly refer to the characters not looking back into the past and to focus on the present – getting as far away as possible and making sure that they don’t get taken down by any of the walkers.

In one of the scenes, we also see Carl walking along a path on his own. Will Carl take on quite a big role during the latter half of the current season? The official poster, which was released a couple of weeks back, sees Carl and Rick heading across some train tracks. It looks like the pair have quite an uncertain future, as do the rest of the characters.

Not to mention, it has been teased that another central character will be killed off when the show returns with the second half of season four, but who will it be? The said character is not killed off in the comics, so it looks like it could be quite a bit shock for all of us.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 9, 2014. You can also check out the treailer, below:

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