The Walking Dead: New picture, teaser video unveiled ahead of mid-season premiere

by Nick Barnes
The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

The Walking Dead

AMC really seems to be ramping up the promo ahead of the return of The Walking Dead next month after its lengthy winter break.

So far, we’ve already had a small teaser and a poster unveiled, but recently a brand new picture and a behind-the-scenes look at the return of the show have been released.

Firstly, the brand new picture features Carl front and center as he seems to be looking behind him, however, what he needs to be concerned about is what’s directly in front of him.

As we can see from the picture, which was exclusively unveiled on Digital Spy, two walkers are making their way over to Carl and they seem to be a little too close for comfort. Carl will have to react fast if he isn’t going to get torn to shreds.

What we have noticed so far about the promo for the mid-season return is that Carl seems to be taking on a pretty big role.

In the first poster that was unveiled earlier this month, Carl is also seen front and center along with his father Rick as they walk across some railway tracks. The tagline for the remainder of the current season is “don’t look back” and Carl seems to be carelessly looking backwards in the new picture.

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

What’s also striking is that he looks as though he is alone. In the promo video that was recently released, Carl is seen walking through the woods along a track, once again on his own. But, from looking at the picture, the track in the video looks the same as the one on the photo, so it could all be connected and if so, Carl has run into some trouble alone. We don’t know what’s going on with the character, but it looks like he’s certainly grown up all of a sudden.

Elsewhere, a new behind-the-scenes video has been unveiled which gives viewers a look into the mid-season premiere.

In the video, author of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman says: “Coming out of the first half of the season and seeing the prison fall, not really knowing who is where and whether some of these characters even survived or not – that’s really exciting”.

Andrew Lincoln who plays the role of Rick added: “We’ve had the sanctity and security of the prison for a season and a half. And [now] we’re on the road again.

“People have been spun into orbit. Everybody’s been separated. And it’s a terrifying world that we inhabit again”.

In the promo video that was recently released, we can see that the prison has been invaded by the zombies. It appears that something is on fire in the prison and the walkers have stormed the security fences and invaded what was once home for many characters.

Of course, the guys have got out of there, but as Lincoln has explained, they’ve all gone their separate ways. It would seem that Michonne is heading for some sort of breakdown as she doesn’t look too stable as she slays a couple of walkers in the forest.

The Walking Dead returns with its mid-season premiere on February 9 on AMC!