The Walking Dead spoilers: Scott Gimple reveals finale represented the ‘death of the community, the death of civilization’

by Nick Barnes
The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is set to return to our TV screens on Sunday, February 9 in which the final eight episodes of the season will air.

But, in the final eight weeks, there are so many questions that need to be answered and in a recent interview, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd didn’t really give much away, but it seems Gimple is more forthcoming with his answers. There’s going to be drama, dark scenes, new characters and some of the bigger questions will be addressed.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Gimple said of the structure of the final eight episodes that the ‘structure’ will be very different to what fans are used to.

He said the ‘tone’ will be ‘varied’ which will change the vibe of the series massively. There will be plenty of ‘bright and sweet’ moments between the central characters of the drama, and there will even be some smiles….which have definitely been missing of late.

However, unsurprisingly, the show which thrives on gore and death will have some of it’s ‘darkest material’ yet.

Scott and his team are aiming to make ‘eight little movies’ in the new shortened run, which will see full scale storytelling with beginnings, middles and ends in each separate instalment, at the same time paying attention to longer reaching story arcs.

But when asked about baby Judith, Gimple said that “answers to a lot of these questions come sooner rather than later” but addressing what’s going on with Judith is a little tricky as “there’s things we wouldn’t show on television”. In regards to Judith, it’s safe to say that the math unfortunately don’t add up when it comes to “a baby in place with free-roaming walkers”.

That does to sound promising for the infant.

The showrunner said that Hershel’s death during the winter finale represented the death of the community, the death of civilization.

As we already know, the mid-season premiere will kick off with all of the characters separated since the downfall of the prison. In one of the promo videos, we see the walkers storming the security fences as they make their way into the prison, which was once home to the characters.

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

Speaking about how the characters will start off, Gimple revealed that he and the writers took a lot of inspiration from the original graphic novels, so fans should make sure to read those if they want some clues.

There was one story in particular the team latched onto, however Scott insisted “We have big changes in ours but the crux of the story is from the comic.”

Speaking of the comics, one aspect that was addressed in the interview with Entertainment Weekly was the introduction of new characters.

One new character that has been spoken about is someone by the same of Gareth. Not much has been given away about the new man, however those avid readers of the source material will have no advantages here, as he was written specially for the TV adaptation.

Other things that were addressed in the interview was that the loose ends of the faint radio signal that Daryl heard in the car will be tied up “sooner rather than later”, we’ll find out more about who was feeding the zombies by the gate, but that answer won’t come as quickly. Not only that, Morgan will also be back, but not necessarily during season 4 but he will be on the show again at some point. In fact, Gimple said he is “absolutely certain” that he will be back.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 9.