Walking Dead: Steven Yeun says Norman Reedus brings in women viewers!

by Anna Howell


The Walking Dead star, Steven Yeun, has revealed that he believes his co-star, Norman Reedus and the character he plays, Daryl Dixon, are the shows main appeal to viewers!

Daryl Dixon  is an original character with no comic counterpart, and has become immensely popular since his first appearance, emerging as a major fan-favourite and was subsequently featured in a Super Bowl XLVII commercial for Time Warner Cable as a result.

Daryl is a Southern hunter and expert tracker who constantly lives in the shadow of his brother, Merle. Like his brother, he is initially shown as volatile and short-tempered, but is tolerated by the group due to his survival skills.

At the end of the second season, he became Rick’s right-hand man as Shane became more & more unhinged, and by season 3, Daryl had largely shed his aloof personality with the exception of dealing with strangers, and was shown to be an extremely proficient zombie killer, earning him the position of Rick’s trusted right-hand man, and “the go-to guy” of sorts for the group.

And according to Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn in the hit AMC horror series, it is down to Reedus’ presence why the show has such a abundance of female fans.

According to Digital Spy, the actor commented:

“It might be [to see] Norman Reedus.  “It’s might be Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln – probably those two!”


The actor then went on to explain his awkwardness over his recent steamy love scene with co-star Lauren Cohan, commenting:

“I actually broke the news to [my dad] that that scene was filmed about three months ago, and over the course of my entire life I’ve been peppering them with like random things to prepare [them].

“But he left me a nice voicemail that night in Korean. But he said, like, ‘You’ve grown up quite a bit’. It was nice.”

Watch some behind the scene’s footage from The Walking Dead in the clip below:


  1. Kristi on March 23, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Norm/Daryl makes for a great hero in the quieter non-crazy sense & he’s wicked sexy! Without Daryl,the show wouldn’t be the same. He makes crossbows hot!

  2. Kath on March 26, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    I think Steven Yeun gives Reedus too much credit for bringing the ladies on board.
    Yeun, and I don’t just consider myself alone in this party, is a treat for the eyes.
    Reedus is mighty fine.
    In season 3, Yeun has picked up his game.

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